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    Keith Evans

    I am sending this outhere because my good friend is an ex MP who was responsible for the repealing of the death penalties for the families of the 316 men shot at dawn for cowardice. His son James is a world war one buff like his father and is taking small groups on tours this special Armistice year. Anyone from the USA coming to UK for this event let me know.

    Keith Evans

    Ah, Lee, eh , thanks for this just doing some further research before my next two tours to Normandy and then market garden. This area of time when the US took over Paris is somewhat murky and steeped in crime and corruption.

    Keith Evans

    I am taking one of my tours to Bastogne this October and in my research into Patton at this time a murky figure has emerged. So my question is ... Who was the powerful supply Corps general who with a huge staff was based in Paris at the time of Market garden and the Bulge, Patton apparently loathed him but had to suck up to him to ensure his supplies

    Keith Evans

    Thank you for your answer regards

    Keith Evans

    My after world war 2 scenario question to throw out there, What would have happened IF George Patton had taken matters into his own hands and continued to advance into the Russian zone in May 1945 and actually fired on and engaged the Russian army, as we know he was reportedly keen to do, advanced on with the objective of re taking Berlin.

    Keith Evans

    thank you if you come to uk look me up

    Keith Evans

    Hi, I am taking one of my tours this October to the Operation Market Garden zone, and onto Bastogne, an area I have not explored in previous years is the area around Best and Son, so my question is , firstly are there any monuments or remains still left from this time in this small area, next the story of medal of honour winner Joe Mann of 101st, is there a monument there for him. thank you all
  8. hi Guys, i am very lucky I live to the east of London and can get to Normandy in a few hours, taking a small tour there soon, the pathfinders operation was a mess except for a small area of the US sector and slightly worse in the brit sector. The gliders landing at night in the US sector were not aware of the hedgerows height and depth so the poor pilots had a nightmare trying to make any sort of landing, so many casualties. My research has revealed that the Germans brought in a major AA battery unit into the Cotentin zone in late May 1944, this is the unit that caused so many casualties on the drop. Does anyone out there have any further evidence of this AAunit and the timing of its arrival. ,
  9. Hi I agree with you completely, the confusion caused by all of the miss drops was effective by luck , in my tours to this area of Normandy I have often wondered if the casualties would have been reduced especially in the British sector by a dawn drop. below is a pic of me on most recent tour to the area, I am on the right, the next 2 are in the US airborne zone , Brecourt and the La frere battle at the bridge over the Merderet just south of Marie -Eglise if you ever come to the UK I am just to the east of London.
  10. there is an opinion that dropping the airborne also the glider landings at night on d day was a wrong decision, should the whole drop taken place at dawn. in the British sector it was a vital tool i.e the night to capture the Orne bridge, but as for the rest, well not so sure.