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  1. I had a pretty bad life growing up and couldn't cope with feelings, so I did some pretty horrible things and got charged with a Felony 1 as a juvenile, and was wondering if I might still be able to join the Airforce? Any info that I could get would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. Even though I am an American 100% I think the A6M Zero is the most technologically advanced prop aircraft of WWII.Very fast, excellent range, a highly maneuverable, and versatile fighter. It was a dogfighter, aircraft carrier weapon and bomber. TOP SPEED: ~358 MPH ENGINE: Sakae 14 cylinder radial ARMAMENT: 2x7.7mm guns, 2x20mm cannons, 2x30kg or 2x60kg bombs RANGE: ~1,844 miles But barely or no armour and VNE is low.
  3. What caused the Germans to lose the war was Stalingrad. Since Hitler attacked Russia he unleashed a beast on himself because he couldn't use self-control. Now he had to fight on two fronts and had lost a powerful ally. If he would of have been smart (good thing he wasn't) he would be able to focus his forces on one front and would have the military surplus from Russia.
  4. The atomic bomb killed a lot of innocent lives, but it was necessary because if we invaded Japan it would of cost approximately 1.7-4 million American lives. I believe it was the only way to end the war with Japan because of their Bushido code. Was there war crimes that the Allies and Axis committed? Yes most definitely. I will remind all readers that the Japanese ATE and amputated POWS while they were alive. So answer me this "Would you have more people eaten or end the war the only way they could?"
  5. I like the M1 Abrams, T-35, and the M18 Hellcat.
  6. I have a hard time choosing between the F-22 Raptor, PBY Catalina, B-17 Flying Fortress, A-10C Thunderbolt II, P-51D Mustang and A6M Zero.
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