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    KRAKOW GHETTO TODAY I continue a series of articles, devoted to my May-2018 journey to Krakow. In this material, I would like to share all the main sites of the former Krakow ghetto within a solo researched half-a-day walking route, with the history of the places, a brief comment on how it looks today, 100+ photos, even google map with all markings for your own future travel. You feel free to comment, ask me questions, share a link to those interested. https://war-documentary.info/krakow-ghetto-today/
  2. PLASZOW CONCENTRATION CAMP TODAY I’ve visited Krakow and Plaszow in May 2018. The former labor and concentration camp became well-known due to “Schindler’s list” movie. In this detailed material, I would like to thoroughly describe an extensive walking tour with the history of each of more than 20 sites on the territory of Plaszow, with my 100+ photos and personal account. Main gate, SS-strasse, Grey House, Liban quarry, Amon Goeth’s villa, Hujeva Gorka etc. https://war-documentary.info/plaszow-concentration-camp-today/
  3. Hitler in Linz and Leonding 1899-1907 (Then and now) I’ve visited the city of Linz and Leonding suburb to find all main places of Adolf Hitler’s childhood and youth within 1899-1907-period. Historical information, biographical notes, actual state and 50+ archive and new photos with a map. https://war-documentary.info/hitler-in-linz-and-leonding/
  4. ANSCHLUSS OF AUSTRIA: THEN AND NOW Last autumn I’ve journeyed to Austria and visited places in Vienna and Linz, closely connected with the Annexation of Austria in 1938. History of the sites during and after the war, archive and plenty of modern photos for comparison. https://war-documentary.info/anschluss-of-austria-1938/
  5. Mauthausen Concentration Camp Today (2017) In 2017 I’ve journeyed to Austria and the Mauthausen Concentration Camp, near Linz. I’ve studied the history of the main sites and want to share it with my photos of how it looks today. A 5000-words material for those, who are interested. https://war-documentary.info/mauthausen-concentration-camp-today/