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  1. The Building of the Atlantic Wall , and the Destruction of the Atlantic Wall , because I love a happy ending .
  2. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Hello Mr Leonard , I am a bit confused , I was told that there was a reply to my comment in which I pointed out the same lug nut as you did . Has someone deleted a post or some other thing I missed ? I have not taken offence or even a wall or gate or some other property boundary . Which reminds me , did you know that the long lost President Idi Amin , when asked what he was going to do about defence replied "De man comin' wid de hammer and nails to fix it"
  3. I think that there are too many off-the-cuff answers to what amounts to an unqualified question . "Worst aeroplane" ---for what ? Some aircraft were successful in the air but a pig for the groundcrew to service . Some were a pig to manufacture , and a swine to fly , then there were those that did very well , thankyou in a job they were not designed for and failed miserably when put to their "proper" use . Many training aircraft crashed , not through the fault of their design but because of untrained pilots . A quick look around the Arnhem locality would surely put the Horsa well up the list , though it had the misfortune to hit things other than the ground when landing . So , my pet hate was the Sunderland because every time I went near one I got wet feet .
  4. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    I thought it referred to the bloke who wrote the caption for the photo of the "awardee" of a medal . I could of course be wrong , like many of us can be through misunderstanding .
  5. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Quite so , and showing how fortunate we are in having the freedom of expression .
  6. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    To quote yourself , it's all down to semantics , and I might add also , spelling , unless you actually meant "perogative" . I note that you remain silent about the word "earned" in the caption of the picture wot i scent , shurely you can come up wiv sumfink .
  7. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    There is obviously no point in continuing this discussion . I shall leave you to find another subject on which to pontificate . Look at my original comment where I said "I believe that the term earned....." . I believe . Full stop . Argue all you like . I still believe .
  8. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Heck of a coincidence , this just came into my mailbox . 3 of 174 Soldier's Medal for NCO who saved a life Inbox x Army Times Unsubscribe 23:02 (28 minutes ago) to me Having trouble viewing this email? | View it in your browser Daily News Roundup Today's news you shouldn't miss Fort Knox soldier earns Soldier’s Medal for saving man from burning fuel truck The sergeant first class received the Soldier's Medal on Friday at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Advertisement
  9. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    OK , I have a driving license , did I earn it ? No , I passed a test . I will not argue the semantics applicable to military medals as I have some , so will stay neutral .
  10. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    The GCE thingy was just used as an example of what can't be earned . I could have mentioned my degree , the same would apply .
  11. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Well , I disagree . I did not earn 8 "O" levels and 4 "A" levels , but I did earn praise for so doing .
  12. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    I believe that the term "earned the V.C." would be unarguable .
  13. "too many young pilots......" ----did all the crews in the turret survive then ?