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  1. 753mike

    Battle of Omdurman

    How odd that the article today slates the behaviour of the British as a colonial power two centuries back when the USA is doing the same thing today----interfering in other countries' affairs and effectively colonising any country that seems could make a profit for the USA . People in glasshouses ........
  2. 753mike

    Today's Post---myths of WW2

    Hi again Danny , I'm glad you've seen the goose-step one , as you say , it is simply playing with forward/reverse , but still very effective because it looks so funny . You are quite right , the jig dancing was rather more sophisticated . There is another one worth looking out for , a simple short snatch of Herman Goering rubbing his hands in glee and with a greasy smirk , originally in a shot of him and Adolph having a love-in . It is variously shown as him showing his pleasure at Spitfires and Hurricanes getting shot down , bombs raining on London and so on . There's a lot out there , good fun looking for them .
  3. 753mike

    Today's Post---myths of WW2

    In response to my ps above , surprise surprise , the formatting is as I sent it , same as the previous ones which were mucked about .
  4. 753mike

    Today's Post---myths of WW2

    Hello Danny , Yes , I have seen the same film . It is the doctored one and it was used in several films /news stories in WW2 , and still gets a showing as genuine in some of the so-called documentaries which come out on disc or as a programme on TV . The same doctoring team did a very funny one based on film of German troops goose-stepping along some conquered street . The film shows them goose-stepping forward and backward and is very effective , especially given the accompanying sound track . The problem with a lot of these propaganda films is that they are taken as genuine happenings . For example , a famous , recurring bit of propaganda showing a Spitfire attacking an Me110 . Good film , genuine enough , but the Me110 was a captured one being flown from Boscombe Down to check on how best to attack it . Now I know this is going to cause some argument because , again , it has been used so often it seems genuine . However , a genuine attack would almost certainly show the Spitfire's guns firing . So the film is genuine enough but wrongly attributed . It would be interesting to hear from other readers of any such propaganda films being used . I know of several , but will keep off them to give someone else a chance . Have a nice day ! ps . Must see if this gets posted properly formatted
  5. 753mike

    Today's Post---myths of WW2

    I notice once again that the format that I used to write the above has been changed , to the detriment of the post . I asked for advice about this before , but none was forthcoming . Silly old bugger should know better , eh ?
  6. It's interesting that the author of today's article trying to debunk myths did not mention certain facts , and got one plain wrong . The "Myth" of Hitler doing a jig . It wasn't a myth , it was a clever bit of film editing by allied propaganda which showed Hitler doing a jig . If you look at the original film , he stamped one foot and slapped his thigh with his gloves . Just one simple movement , but it was edited to produce a film of Hitler doing a jig . The film was taken outside the famous railway carriage after the signing of France's surrender . So it was hardly a myth , it happened on film . I would call it "successful propaganda" . The other myth debunked ? Hitler had only one testicle , the myth originated as a result of his autopsy . No , wrong . When I was a kid there was a lot of allied propaganda in the form of silly poems for kids written and circulated especially to ridicule German leaders---Japan was yet to enter the war---, the little ditty went "Hitler has only got one ball , Goering has two but they are small Himmler is very similar But poor old Goebels has no balls at all ." Circa 1941 onwards . Hitler still very much alive . I can date it to 1941 because I got a slap around the ear on my very first day at school for singing it (in 1941) It is a great pity that other people around my age and older don't answer or comment on the daily articles , there is so much knowledge around which is going to disappear for ever when the memories die with them . The problem is something to do with the attitude of younger people not wanting to hear the sometimes very interesting stories (silly old bugger's off again) . I can give you an example (just a quick one so's not to bore you) . I remember watching my Dad and my brothers digging and lining a pit in the ground of our garden in which to store and hide the explosives my Dad was issued with , his job was to sabotage the armaments machinery he was responsible for as works engineer for a large company in Birmingham . I helped him fill the pit when I was home on leave , which prodded my Dad into telling me more of what he was supposed to do in the event of invasion . Very interesting , try listening to some of the silly old buggers' stories and you may learn a lot of interesting things .
  7. 753mike

    Credit where it is due

    Why is it that this post is presented in a totally different format to the one I used in writing it ? There are breaks where there shouldn't be , new lines where I didn't ask for them and so on . Don't tell me that there is an autocorrect for punctuation (2/10 , see me )
  8. 753mike

    Credit where it is due

    I have kept quiet about this for some time , but today's article about a Royal Navy Hellcat is festooned with pictures of USN Hellcats . Why ? There are many photos of Fleet Air Arm Hellcats around , yet we have to be overwhelmed with pics of USN or USMarine aircraft . Also , not once does the term Royal Navy appear . The dead pilot of the Hellcat was a New Zealander serving with the Royal Navy . Like many of his countrymen he came half way round the world to serve and fight for what was then considered The Mother Country . Anyone not familiar with military history could be forgiven for not realising that Commonwealth countries had a direct input to the Allied war effort . Is this an attempt to imply that the USA were into everything in WW2 ?. Let me get one thing straight , I admire the USA and its Armed Forces , but implying that they took part in every operation in WW2 is a bit much , lets us not return to the daft example set by showing a USAAF B17 in the DamBusters film for showing in the USA . As I said at the start , this is an ongoing problem on this site . There is a deliberate policy (not restricted to this site) to undermine the friendship between the UK and the USA , don't let us get caught up in it . Mike (stands back ready for flak)
  9. The Building of the Atlantic Wall , and the Destruction of the Atlantic Wall , because I love a happy ending .
  10. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Hello Mr Leonard , I am a bit confused , I was told that there was a reply to my comment in which I pointed out the same lug nut as you did . Has someone deleted a post or some other thing I missed ? I have not taken offence or even a wall or gate or some other property boundary . Which reminds me , did you know that the long lost President Idi Amin , when asked what he was going to do about defence replied "De man comin' wid de hammer and nails to fix it"
  11. I think that there are too many off-the-cuff answers to what amounts to an unqualified question . "Worst aeroplane" ---for what ? Some aircraft were successful in the air but a pig for the groundcrew to service . Some were a pig to manufacture , and a swine to fly , then there were those that did very well , thankyou in a job they were not designed for and failed miserably when put to their "proper" use . Many training aircraft crashed , not through the fault of their design but because of untrained pilots . A quick look around the Arnhem locality would surely put the Horsa well up the list , though it had the misfortune to hit things other than the ground when landing . So , my pet hate was the Sunderland because every time I went near one I got wet feet .
  12. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    I thought it referred to the bloke who wrote the caption for the photo of the "awardee" of a medal . I could of course be wrong , like many of us can be through misunderstanding .
  13. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Quite so , and showing how fortunate we are in having the freedom of expression .
  14. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    To quote yourself , it's all down to semantics , and I might add also , spelling , unless you actually meant "perogative" . I note that you remain silent about the word "earned" in the caption of the picture wot i scent , shurely you can come up wiv sumfink .
  15. 753mike

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    There is obviously no point in continuing this discussion . I shall leave you to find another subject on which to pontificate . Look at my original comment where I said "I believe that the term earned....." . I believe . Full stop . Argue all you like . I still believe .