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  1. What's remarkable about such plans? In WW1 the French military had detailed plans, that in case of a war with Germany they would strike against Alsac-Lorraine. So what? That France was going to attack Germany before the Kaiser attacked France?? The USA had attack plans against Great Britain as late as the early 1920s. So what? That the US miltary was on the brink of declaring war against the Brits? Every nation has war plans against other nations. That's only common sense.
  2. Well, the Nazis at once started to sink British ships, even passenger liners like the "Athenia". Almost (?) a war crime. It showed what sort of people the Allies was up against.
  3. Nonsense. Hitler wanted to expand (and include) Soviet Russia, as Germany's future lay in the East. And today? Germany and Russia don't even speak to each other!
  4. Really? Many Germans say, that WW2 started NOT in Sept. 1 1939, but in Sept. 3. That was the date the British and the French declared war against The Greater Germany. Otherwise, no world war at all!
  5. I don't think 'ordinary' people want to be totally objective. Too much are at stake here. If you are a nationalist, or a patriot, it is virtually impossible to be fair to other nations; even less so to your enemies (past and present). Only the outsider has a good chance of being able to tell the truth, and they are few and far between.
  6. The British government claimed for a long time, that Coventry was not a military target. That was clearly wrong, and was made to boost morale at the home front. That is what I call "brainwashing". The German air crews were ordered to bomb factories etc. and NOT the city centre, but as the Allies later discovered for themselves, night bombing was mostly very inaccurate despite 'good' intentions.
  7. Not true. During the 1930's, Germans and Poles really hated each other. Can't say exactly why, but those feelings existed. Germans living in the Slavic countries in the East were also deeply unpopular there. In Czechoslovakia, the Germans didn't mix with the local population, and vice versa. They went to separate schools, churches and cinemas. Lot's of pent-up aggressions between them. In 1933, Weimar Germany was very weak, miltary speaking. It would have been easy for Poland (even alone!) to take Berlin, and defeat the German Army etc. But when Hitler came to power that would change, the Poles thought, correctly. Better attack Germany now, before their miltary became too strong. No bad thinking, really.... *** Germany was so weak after WW1, that even little Lithuania grabbed the port of Memel from the Germans. They had no right to do this, but their gamble succeded. The NF 'silently' accepted the aggression and gave Memel to Lithuania, despite strong opposition from the Germans. Of course, Nazi Germany took back the port of Memel in 1939...
  8. Well, your view about this is proof that "History is written by the winners". This was Coventry at the time of the attack: "Coventry was an important engineering and manufacturing city before World War Two, and the factories based there played an important part in supplying Britain’s MILITARY ( cars, tools, and aeroplane engines etc. and, since 1900, munitions factories). I must ask you: Do you really think Coventry was some sort of a tourist city then, or what? The brainwashing about this has never stopped, and it is now June 2018! Coventry was a legitimate target for the Luftwaffe, but Lübeck was NOT a legitimate target for Bomber Command!!
  9. That's the problem. ? I have a lot of historic books about WW2 etc., but they are in a caotic order, all over the place. Anyway, to show you proof from a book of an author you perhaps have not even heard of, how convincing is that to you?
  10. Actually, the reason why the "Baedeker Blitz of 1942 ever happened, has to do with the British. They started this whole series of barbaric bombings. "On March 28th 1942, Bomber Command attacked the city of Lűbeck. A great deal of damage was done to the most historic part of the city known as the ‘Old Town’. In total, over 1,000 people were killed and the ‘Old Town’, which was primarily made up of old wooden buildings, was all-but destroyed by incendiary bombs. Hitler was incensed and ordered retaliatory raids against similar targets = Baedeker Raids."
  11. Hello. I have read that just before, or after, Nazi Germany invaded Poland 1 Sept. 1939, the Poles slaughtered 5.000 German civilians. But where all those people living in Danzig only? As for invading Germany: Yes, when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, Poland wanted to attack Germany, but dared not to do it alone. They asked for help from France, and England ( Poland also wanted them to invade), but they both turned down the offer.
  12. Yes, misunderstanding seems to be quite common in this Forum, unfortunately. We may think, that by using a common language like English, all is good and well. But that is not always the case. American-English is often a real headache for me; it's easer with English (England). *** What I meant was (now I am speaking of DRESDEN only), that as it had few, if any, military objects worth bombing, Dresden should not have been bombed at all. After all, the war in Europe would soon be over so what was the point in destroying an old town, known for it's priceless, cultural buildings? Dresden had a wonderful rococo church ('Frauenkirche'), which was bombed to pieces. And lot's of other holy buildings as well.
  13. I will try. ? I have read some books about the history of Great Britain during WW2, and after. For instance: "The End Of Glory". Many Brits were bitter for a long time (anti-Americanism!) about the REAL behaviour of the US during, and after the war. Does this come as a surprise to you?
  14. Wow! You are very daring in your wiews. ? I have debated this issue with others over the years. To even suggest, that Dresden was not a proper military target at the time has been like spitting in the church. You show real integrity here!
  15. Not sure about that. Hitler thought, that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact would scare Britain, and France, away from starting a war against Nazi Germany in 1939. WW2 could have started even without that Pact. The Fûhrer desperately wanted a war. He was getting old, and he knew it too well.
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