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  1. Indeed they are, but they are not accorded 'Royal' in their title. (I am only passing on what I have been told by higher authority, who claims to understand the army lineage, etc. Also, don't ask me to explain which regiment is classed as 'First of Foot' because I have seen that discussion finish up with fisticuffs. Being former Royal Air Force, my service is much more straightforward!)
  2. According to our history teacher, in days of yore. The Army will never carry the title Royal because during the Civil War they were the power behind Cromwell, (Halifax's New Army), in the period that Britain hadn't a throne. Individual regiments carry the title Royal because they were subsequent to the Monarchy being restored and therefore had Royal approval. There are also military elements bearing 'Royal' because they earned Royal approval through their battle honours.
  3. The British Army does not carry Royal because of the Civil War. You are right about the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines, worldwide they are recognised as British and therefore don't need a country in their respective titles.
  4. I appreciate your articles on British aircraft but you need to correct your terminology. There is no such thing as, The British Air Force, or, The British Royal Air Force, it is and always will be, the Royal Air Force. We were the first independent Air Force and do not carry any country in our title; thus we are the only one who doesn't need an identifier. That said, I appreciate that the quality and variety of you aviation related articles and photographs, so will continue to read with enjoyment. former Warrant Officer, Royal Air Force, (37 years service).
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