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  1. Billy Pierce

    Why are you interested in War History?

    bless you and yours. not easy the road our forefathers took on others behalf. Billy Pierce
  2. Billy Pierce

    Why are you interested in War History?

    My Grandfather was in WW1, the Army. I had 4 uncles in WW2. 3 in the Army, 1 in the Navy, on a destroyer in the Pacific. the ones in the Army were Infantry, Transportation( Red Ball Express ), and one was a waist gunner on a B-17. All were in the European theater. 2 uncles and my father were in the Korean War. 1 uncle in the Navy and the other Uncle was in the Army like my dad. the one in the navy was on a destroyer, the other uncle was Infantry, and my dad was in the Army's navy(his joke, RIP) as an amphibian driver and gunner. and we spent time with him in Japan in 1955. I was 4 at the time. I was exposed to the military and was always interested in the vehicles involved with my dad's work. and then later it was the movies that piqued my interest in history as well. All the war movies and their heroes from all over the world, and I still like a good one. I served in Vietnam with the 11th armored cavalry, my older brother and cousins were also there with Infantry and Airmobile. and my son is in Iraq again, 7th. tour with a couple of side trips to Afghanistan as well. so in answer to the question, I seem to have been born to it, love the books and some trips made to sites while stationed in Germany. and as said before, war history does mold a nations history in between wars.
  3. Brave men and their history. The battle of Camerone is one of their most famous battles. Surrender wasn't an option for them by their own choice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Camarón
  4. Billy Pierce

    What was the best Allied tank of WWII?

    methinks the question should read best in the world, that way the European theatre wouldn't be just the only area being judged. the Sherman saved the day in the North African campaign, and did great in the Pacific campaign as well. let the admins make the change, and give credit where it is due. Reb
  5. mine is the A1-Skyraider. used for everything from recon to hauling supplies and personnel( by the French in the Algerian war ). its most famous as Sandy in Pilot recovery in the Vietnam war. the Skyraider had external hard points for ordinance, 7 each wing, and one centerline, total of 15. armed with 4 20mm cannon. used primarily as ground troop support. also used as a night fighter, early warning system, set u for nuclear payload as well, this baby did it all and then some! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_A-1_Skyraider Billy
  6. Billy Pierce

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    after all is said and done I remember my brother's saying and he admits to hearing it else where. Strategy wins battles, and Logistics wins wars. Simple as that. Reb
  7. Billy Pierce

    What If War,WW2

    all allied subs used copies of german torpedos with proximity fuses with zero defects
  8. Billy Pierce

    What was the best Allied tank of WWII?

    thanks for the information Mr. Walker. I was misinformed, and extend my thanks to you and your information. you are quite right to be confused, and that's my bad. but I still support the Sherman as overall best tank of WW2.
  9. Billy Pierce

    What was the best Allied tank of WWII?

    just a last remark on the subject. I feel that even thought the T34 was a fair weapon, good main gun, sloped front deck. it was a victim of its own publicity team. yes, it took out loads of German armor and forced the advent of the Tiger series and improvement on the Panther. but lets not forget it was defeated by the Finnish forces and their winter. and the armor the Finns had wasn't really up to snuff modern as the T34 was. the only thing the T34 really had advantage wise over the length of the war was quantity. Reb
  10. Billy Pierce

    What was the most important tank of World War II?

    I picked the Sherman. and all the reasons why have been outlined above. easy to maintain, upgraded main gun made it more formidable even as a medium tank, great infantry support, very important point there. not to take a thing away from the Russians tank, t-34, it did well, but not a easy tank to maintain in the field, and the crews were shorthanded as well and almost zero training. the main gun did its job, as did the sloped armor. the Sherman model was used for the M4, the retriever, the priest as well I believe and the zippo too. and lets not forget the M3. all these were on the same frame as the M4, the most important tank in WW2.
  11. Billy Pierce

    What was the best Allied tank of WWII?

    my vote is for the easy 8. the easy 8 stayed in American service until 1957, and in the IDF service until the 80's, another long lasting tank! it was equally gunned to the Russian tanks used in the Korean war, and destroyed 41 enemy tanks from July to November in 1950. the 8 had better optics, better ammo, HVAP 76mm, and better trained crews. the 8 also was easier to maintain than other tanks. the only reason I bring up Korea is that it gives a comparison to the Russian T-34s. with the HVSS suspension the 8 provided a smoother ride, and had wider tracks, making the crews less fatigued, and happier. the British armored units like the newer suspension as well. lighter, faster and better armed, an all around easily maintained tank, and that's why I feel it was the best all around tank of WW2. Reb
  12. Billy Pierce

    Silent Wings

    Silent Wings museum located in Lubbock, Texas near the Airport. The museum is dedicated to the Glider Pilots of WW2 and their training there in Lubbock. https://mylubbock.us/departmental-websites/departments/silent-wings-museum/home A side window on the right will provide all information and history needed. A sight to see!
  13. Billy Pierce

    Best Allied Fighter of WW1

    well I agree with Snoopy, and choose the Camel. Even though it was outclassed by the newer SE5 at wars end, it did have a higher kill ratio, was I believe more capable as a dogfighter, and could hold its own with the Axis aircraft. It did the job as required, needed a fine hand to use it properly and was used extensively by other nations into the years after the war ended. It was also used as a parasite aircraft on the big balloons, and used by the Royal Navy as well, and also as a night fighter with the Lewis guns mounted on the top wings, which helped the pilot to retain better night vision. thanks for the time!
  14. Billy Pierce

    What was the best submachine gun of WWII?

    the MP40 is a long lasting weapon, used until 2011 in the Libyan Civil war, and in Syria as well. it did have a feed problem that was corrected with better training and with proper training could be fired single shot, which was great considering it was a fully automatic weapon. accuracy was about the same as the Thompson and the ammo count was the same in the stick magazine. It was a toss up, but I went with the MP40 due to longevity.
  15. Billy Pierce

    What was the worst mistake made by Germany in WWII?

    allowing the Brits to escape the debacle that could have been Dunkirk was a losing proposition to say the least. not only would the lost equipment been bad, but the lost manpower would have led to a truce at the least, and a win on the invasion. this would have cleared the way for a later invasion of Russia, the battle in North Africa would have been won and the soft underbelly of Russia would have been fatally exposed.