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  1. Contest "FACES OF WAR" - Join the facebook page to follow, and take part in the contest that will transform true historical photos into playable cards. If you have photos of relatives who fought the war, you can send them to us, with the name, the combat unit, or any other information you can provide. We will post them, and every week we will declare the winner. Each weekly winner will become a playable card and they all will be released for free to our backers. deep war game
  2. Deep War is a fast paced strategic card game set in World War II. You will be able to personify the greatest commanders and deploy units, infused with the essence of history, from Army, Aviation and Navy... all together, like never before. Beside the game there is a world, which will be greater and greater, where you will find curiosities, historical facts, the always beloved technical charts and many “Did you know...?” cards to feed your curiosity. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE DEEP WAR KICKSTARTER PAGE Deep War - The WWII card game amidst Colors and Curiosities