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  1. Reese Spicer (Spiceman)

    Welcome mate from Portsmouth, England. Try posting your short story again.
  2. My top 6 films

    Guys how can you forget Das Boot?! 1. Das Boot 2. Saving Private Ryan 3. Battle of Britain 4. A Bridge Too Far 5. Platoon 6. Downfall 7. Great Escape 8. Sink the Bismarck 9. The Cruel Sea 10. The Battle of the River Plate
  3. Call of Duty - WWII (Trailer)

    Will there be any other allied nations or is this just America won the war type game?
  4. A Family History of Warfare

    Amazing story too! Great histories. I have read some of what happened during the occupation of Holland which is very unpleasant and a bit on the quality Dutch resistance and of course Operation Market Garden. I mentioned my granddad on my dad's side dieing before I was born of some rare disease. Well, on medical advice, they told him to move from the north of England (Sheffield) to the south coast where the air is much cleaner (Sheffield was very industrial - particularly steel industry) which he did with my grandmother. They had my father and he met my mum. If he wasn't ill I wouldn't be alive!
  5. A Family History of Warfare

    Hi all, I think a lot of people out there have (have had) relatives who have been involved in the armed forces. A bit of research can reveal some interesting history. I've only scratched the surface but I know my grandfather on my dads side served in the merchant navy (GB) in World War II supplying the Red Army on the Russian convoy runs known for the u-boat peril and terrible icy conditions as shown below (not my photos): He sadly died before I was born and my dad doesn't really talk about him as "it wasn't a very happy period in my life" in relation to when he died of some rare disease or other in 1960s when he was a teenager. I do know however that he was sunk twice on the run from England to Russia and survived! The chance of survival must have been very slim but to survive being torpedoed and sunk twice in ice cold conditions? One of a very small number I would imagine. I knew my great uncle thankfully and know he followed up the Normandy invasion in "mop up" actions and then served with one of the British tank regiments all the way into Germany. He was a gunner in a Sherman tank (below is again not my image). He wouldn't talk about the war which is very common with British veterans. The exception being he told me when they blew up a truck from a long long way away. He mentioned the Sherman was pretty accurate. He confirmed nobody liked Stuka's and that the Sherman had a habit of setting fire when they were hit. He died back in 2007 sadly. His wife and my great auntie is still alive although sadly has dementia and doesn't remember me anymore or my family. She actually worked at Bletchley Park during the war. The primary site of British code-braking during the war where Alan Turing and his colleagues worked and broke the Enigma code and built the world's first electronic digital programmable computer. Historians believe the work carried out at Bletchley Park shortened the war by 2-4 years. I don't think she was a key player in this but she did work there. I know my great granddad fought at the Somme during world war 1 and my grandma (his daughter - obviously!) has a photo of him in her living room in full army gear. I don't know any more than he survived which is an achievement in itself and that his surname was Franklin. 3 million people fought in the conflict and 1 million were killed or injured in the 5 month blood bath. There were 57,500 casualties on the first day alone. It is one of the most deadly battles of all time and the worst ever for Britain. 485,000 British and 630,000 German sadly died for an inconclusive result. Probably the most left-field story I have is one of my family married a German in the immediate post war and subsequently had children with him. Through my granddad I know he was called Helmut and that he was a successful Stuka pilot and took part in the Battle of Britain and bombed Portsmouth and Southampton and the surrounding airfields and radar stations of Hampshire and Sussex in which I, my family now, and the family he married into then, lived! He lived in the same area and visited the same places where he a few years previously bombed! He used to fly light aircraft over the same areas post war too. He is long dead and my grandad remembers his as "typically German!" Its a funny and surreal image of previous combatants and civilians all in the same room watching television about the war! My grandparents remember watching the dogfights as children. My grandfather himself was in the army in the early fifties I believe or it may have been national service. Being from Britain almost everyone has a relative or other who was involved in the first and/or second war. It is interesting what you can find!
  6. What was the most important tank of World War II?

    The Tiger is not really in contention. Great looking, powerful and effective in the small numbers in which it appeared. But also over-engineered, difficult to fix and only produced in small numbers. Psychological effective huge also. Its between the Sherman and t-34 in my opinion. The Sherman was a decent tank in its own right but not much good against larger vehicles when they occasionally appeared. However in was produced in large numbers and used by the allies extensively with effect. It deserves its place as a successful and important weapon of world war 2. However, the t-34 can be attributed the same praise in regards numbers. Loads were built and quickly but they were also an excellent tank in their own right with the balance of firepower, mobility and protection. t-34 wins it for me. Not my favourite tank but it was the most important.
  7. How can we increase the membership rate on here?

    In what ways? Word of mouth?
  8. How can we increase the membership rate on here?

    Hi mate. Yeah, me too. I like it. A little bit livelier though would be nice.
  9. Fav Mil Vehicles

    One of my favourites: Chieftan. I like a Tiger or Panther too. Also Jagdpanther: Also the absolutely horrific Churchill Crocodile. Germans would surrender before it fired such was the fear factor:
  10. My favorite plane of Gulf War 1

    Would have to be the Tornado for me or the A10. Both excellent at what they're designed to do.
  11. It would be terrible if it was destroyed. If you destroy the past you're destined to repeat it. Museum or for private study.
  12. Revolutionary War casualties numbers

    Tiny numbers really. Look at the Battle of the Somme. In 5 months 1 million men died. 57,500 casualties on the first day of the battle.
  13. How can we increase the membership rate on here?

    Hi all, I was wondering how we can increase the membership rate on this forum? I noticed at any given time yesterday there were 100+ guests viewing but I was the sole member online. How can we convert them to members and get them posting regularly? I'm obviously assuming that the site wants to increase membership but at the moment discussion is very limited which is a shame as the forum is nicely set up. I would just like to know what the intentions of the forum is really.
  14. I imagine a lot of this stuff was brought across by the numerous Nazis that fled to Argentina post war. Amazing find really.
  15. Amazing 'medieval' castle being built right now

    Wasn't aware of this. Very interesting!