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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. I've got some pictures of Dachau somewhere - visited in 2012. That was not a pleasant experience but please I paid my respects and its got for an education of the soul and real morality.
  2. Blimey that's a long list! What was the most interesting? I think everyone should visit one in their lifetime. Will genuinely ground everyone.
  3. I haven't. I've seen it advertised. Any good? I see its based in Hastings which is about 2 hours from me.
  4. To be honest I don't read the articles any more. I found them to be lacking in historical accuracy with a lack of academia on the part of the author clearly visible. The result of this was a large amount of people being misinformed ending up in a whole army of comments on Facebook of largely nonsense. I also detected a current of anti-British feeling amongst the articles. It seemed for a while that articles predominantly highlighted examples of things Britain has done badly and examples of things the US has done well mixed in with a bit of hero worshipping of Nazi Germany. As much as I like Americans there is often a reluctance to praise anyone else. This may have changed now but it certainly put me off. I just stick to the forum now.
  5. I'm east of Portsmouth on the south coast of England. Its really good for history as a lot of the Battle of Britain was fought overhead and there are old runways dotted about and pill boxes and stuff. Also the home of the Royal Navy is in Portsmouth and there loads to see HMS Victory, Warrior, Alliance and the D-Day musem (d-day launced from Portsmouth). A lot older history too. Fair few castles about, forts, Roman stuff and iron age hill forts. London not too far way as well and there is lots there. Not been to New York yet. Would like too!
  6. England's alright! If you like history, particularly military and political, then it is a bit of a goldmine. Where abouts in the US are you from? I went to LA, San Diego and Chicago last year. When I visit I do try and tick off as much US history as I can. USS Iowa on the last visit and saw the Midway too. A couple of the active carriers were in port too. Been to Peal Harbour a few years back and did the museum, tour by the Arizona, tour of USS Bowfin and also looked round the aviation museum. Love my history! Berlin the year before. PS I'll give the game another go I reckon.
  7. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I am playing as the RAF as I am English. I have spent ages shooting away at planes trying to take into count deflection. I damage planes and then quite often they out skill me and I end up dead! I think in the 3/4 games I have played I have shot down 1 plane! Damaged a few. I don't really play games much any more but it does look good and is fun. One of those games you need to commit time to though.
  8. I have recently, yes. Someone else on here recommended it. I've played a few hours a few weeks back. Had a go with a tank but mostly planes. Was fun. Haven't got used to the interface though with all the upgrades. You like it then? Takes an age to shoot anyone down.
  9. Not a huge fan of either three really. If pushed to choose probably the P-47. Favourite of all US planes in the war would probably be the Dakota and the Corsair. P-40 is a nice looking plane too.
  10. Got one I'm solidly reading which is: A few I'm dipping in and out of:
  11. It depends what your parameters are really. Spitfire and Hurricane were designed as short range interceptors and in that role they were excellent. Mustang brilliant as a long range fighter.
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