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  1. when I was a young man Russia promised to bury us. I see no sudden turn to being red, just a slow and steady red cancer that is killing our country
  2. Have yet to see a war movie made since 1970 that wasn't pure bullshit designed to sell tickets to civilians
  3. The best advice for everyone is to believe nothing you hear and damn little of what you see
  4. The ability to recognize bullshit is a common trait to all who earned their CIB
  5. Regardless of what name it goes by "shell shock or any other name" the best therapy is talking about it with those that know what you are talking about. The educated headshrinkers think they know but they don't
  6. This could have been a good site but it seems whatever anyone thinks is fact. Green M16s made by a toy company and now the M60 with so many problems. If you have never carried the original 1966 issue in a combat situation don't repeat whatever outhouse rumor you heard about the weapon. It was a POS but it was not made by Mattel or Walt Disney Same goes for the M60. I came in when boot camp training used the water cooled 30 cal. With three tours in Vietnam, 11Bravo Mos with a CIB . Any person that says the M60 was not dependable doesn't know what they are talking about. I don't give a damn what any report says I'm out of this group of wanna be somethings
  7. The 1st Inf Div was issued the M16 Feb 1966, pretty good trick since it wasn't even adopted yet. Sad that it wasn't issued until 1969
  8. A very old rumor, however since Mattel did make a toy M16, I could see a company supply sgt showing new guys the Mattel M16. ☺☺☺ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/m-16-made-mattel/
  9. Mattel did not make the M16 The M16 was not the color green
  10. If you ever find out what the rifle I had was, let me know please. I've always thought my memory of vietnam was pretty good, but now☺ In the summer of 66 a buddy rotated back to the states and he gave me his M16, it was the only one that if kept fairly clean was dependable. I traded something for a 30 rd mag that a huey pilot had. That mag worked great if you only put 26-27 rounds in it. Pretty sure I was the first grunt in the 1st Div to have such a magazine. We were at Loc Ninh one time and some people from Ordnance showed up inspecting all M16s using a no go gauge. Mine chambered the no-go. Someone said to turn it in and my reply "over my dead body" and walked off. I can't remember what became of the AK, but I've always been a trader so know I swapped it for something
  11. whatever the VC were using we had a lot of captured magazines for what everyone called ak47, curved steel 30 rounds I never did examine any of the other captured AKs, just assumed they were all the same. I grew up with guns and when I took it apart I was impressed with how simple it was. The cable looked liked control cable used in small planes.
  12. Now I'm wondering what I had. Just for the record I have never done drugs☺ I did come across a article, in the early years the vc were making weapons and my dim memory thinks there was even a mention of making a automatic rifle patterned after the AK. Will try and re-find the article it might have even been on a u-tube
  13. I was only in country for 39 months, never did see a tomahawk ☺
  14. Congratulations! Thanks for starting the chapter, it helps to be able to talk with folks that understand what you are talking about☺ Many years ago I built a website just for guys that were in my old inf unit. One vet said he didn't know if to thank me or cuss me. today he's ok☺
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