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  1. Curious that most of the pictures that are shown are of Japanese Americans in their camps. Why are there not more photos of the Germans in their camps and of their physical lodgings? Were they treated better or worse than the Japanese American? Why were they held 3 years beyond the end of the war? Were they compensated for the property that was taken or was it returned? What of the Italians that were mentioned in the article? Were there camps for them? Just wondering and looking at lots of information that was not given.
  2. It might be, but it appears to have more in common with the known WWI British Uniform top. Also, look at the style of the gentleman's hair and the posing of the individual.
  3. Thank you, I was beginning to believe I must be ignorant of a lot of things. Also, I never read of medical experiments being done on the Japanese-Americans,such as was done to the detainees of other countries.
  4. I just read the article by George Winston(True Crimes Including Stealing Children for the Master Race) where he equated the Holocaust with the interment of the Japanese-Americans of WWII. I am not making light of what they(Japanese-Americans) went through or the losses that they suffered.But I do not think that you can put the two problems on the same level. Injustices were done, but no one was assigned death as they entered the camp, nor were their families stripped from them. Life was tough, but the people that went through it came out stronger and tougher. They had the most decorated unit of the US military. Judgement is being done with 2018 ideals for a 1940's problem. Convince me that the holocaust and Japanese treatment of our POWS was as bad as what these people went through. I am not trying to be argumentative, teach me what I am missing.
  5. You are right. It is a British military uniform top. At least that is my best guess. Sorry, I missed the collar.
  6. Joe Rich gave you some good information. Go to the Family History site . It is free to join and there is a lot of data available. Start with yourself and work backward through the generations. Many times marriage and death certificates ,as well as birth certificates, will give you data as to who parents were.Census records can help to find where your ancestors might be from and who was living in a certain household on the date of the census. The last census released was the 1940 census and it is a gold mind of information. Keep working at it and you will find something. Looking at the uniform, I would say it is a WWI American uniform. Go to google images and see if does not look the same to you. Good Luck
  7. My father was stationed in the Panama Canal zone for most of WW!!. He was in the Army Air corp. I was wondering if any one could tell me anything about the service in this area? Are there any books, or records that I could find out about his service? His name was Rupert E Garner. He was in the Zone when Pearl Harbor was bombed. In fact, he celebrated his 16 th birthday there. He had lied about his age, and I don't think anyone looked too closely at his paperwork. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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