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  1. Is it true that France had superior cannon/artillery to the Germans tanks at Blitzkrieg, but because France used horseman runners to convey messages , that the Germans overran the French artillery because they had not yet received orders to fire? I read once that a runner went back to French Command at blitzkrieg, and upon receiving orders to fire on the Germans, was too late and that the Germans had already overrun the artillery because never fired back as they had no orders to do so... Is this true?
  2. If the South (Confederacy) took on the Spencer repeating rifle instead of the North (Yankees), would that have changed the outcome of the war?
  3. What is the symbolism of gold tassels on National flags in military ceremonies and warfare?
  4. While I do take an active interest, I know little about the Nanking massacre. Does t really take my interest. I just started watching a movie on line called " The Flowers of War" (a.k.a. Jin ling shi san chai.) Christian BALE appeared in this Chines made movie. Taking my interest and hence my questions.... At about the 11 minute mark of the movie, you see Chinese soldiers defending against the Japanese..... # The Chinese soldiers are wearing German style helmets... Is this accurate or just the movie? # The Chinese Soldiers are using "potato masher" grenades. Is this accurate or just the movie? #### My big question, as the movie does not explain it... In a Chinese foot soldier attack on the Japanese tanks, they are wrapping multiple (potato masher) grenades in blankets and then soaking in water.... Why is that? am I missing something? I do not understand why wrapping grenades in a blanket and soaking in water would make a difference. I know that water can not be compressed, but I fail to see how this would make a "bomb" more effective. Your thoughts ??
  5. Thank you for the info. Use of CS gas I am well aware of specifically with tunnels in Vietnam. What is claimed by Cambodian Government is that these "Chemical bombs" are causing serious burns and death. I know of no such bomb used by US since WW1. https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50108643/more-chemical-bomb-sites-found/
  6. If any learned people among you would research and post and article about the CSS Shenandoah, I am sure it will be an interesting read for all war history buffs. I post just one media link below. I have read many bits and pieces, but what I found particularly interesting is that some Australians joined the crew of the Shenandoah and sailed off into the Civil War of North America, and were still fighting unaware the war was over. Apparently, post war, this was piracy and punishable by death. According to what I read, the crew of the Shenandoah sailed off to England to live in exile. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/when-the-american-civil-war-sailed-in-to-victoria-on-the-css-shenandoah-20150902-gjdchf.html
  7. I did an edit... I inadvertently posted the wrong link.
  8. I hope some of you can help me with this...
  9. Frequently reported in Cambodia media , are press releases from the Government claiming "more US chemical bombs found". I can not find anything.... Did USA use chemical bombs in Cambodia? My understanding is that USA did not use chemical bombs since WW1. Although, Agent Orange did contain some nasties, but not as a bomb, but as a spray.
  10. Ron Walker, I share the same frame of thought as you.... To walk into a post office of a Nazi occupied country was high risk and likely to be detected. In practicality, sending a post card does not in my mind seemed to be justified given the risk.
  11. Siegfried Westphal was my late father's uncle. His military history is easy to find.... What I am lacking is what happened after the war. It has been so many years since I discovered his history, my notes and sources are long lost. It is my understanding/memory that he was tried, gave evidence against the Nazis and was imprisoned in Russia and released sometime in the the late 1950's. Went on to be the manager/director of a large German steel company and passed away in the late 1980's. Only through hearsay, it is understood he along with his immediate commander Rommel, was involved in the Hitler bomb plot. He was apparently arrested and interrogated and released due to lack of evidence. This is his history I am lacking in direct knowledge/sources. Can anyone help me?
  12. I think you misunderstood.... He did not say "secret". Refer also where I have spoken with genuine combat veterans who from time to time raise the point of combat soldiers from other countries under secondment. I have been shown a letter from the Minister for Australian Defence Personnel confirming some British served as combat soldiers in the Vietnam war. I read an article some time back of British military personnel working covertly in Vietnam in areas of artillery spotters and surveillance. I would suggest that Operation Patriot is supportive evidence.
  13. But really.... Germany's worst mistake was electing Hitler.. !
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