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  1. Can we just ban peopole who are offering fake passports and such. Its just clogging a already dead forum board.
  2. My bad M1919A6. oh yeah they were reliable for sure, but my point saying that the DP was not a very good gun. but look at my first comment,
  3. Yes but I compared the DP-27 with M1919 and MG34. I just used them to compare. You said that the soviets had managed to lose some 6.3 Million small arms." And among them some of the best in the world No im not a marxist. I am just saying that the DP-27 was not a very good gun. Especially compared to other machine guns. And yes the Germans and Fins used them.
  4. Please quote where you said not to compare it to the M1919 or MG34. And Not just the rpm being too low. I have stated thee recoil spring was located too close to the barrel, which led to overheating. And the pan drum being far to large and bulky, AND being awkward to load. Also I am saying that they could use anything they could get there hands on, You saying your self the Germans and fins used them en mass.
  5. Who cares about a grammatical error, My point being the DP was not a very good weapon. While not being as bad as the cachuat but no where near as good as the MG34 orM1919A6 browning.
  6. well yeah I know it really picked up during 1943-1944. In 1944 alone they produced 18,900 tanks, more then any other time in the war. But in between they still used almost anything they could get there hands on. Such as during Stalingrad when they used the PPSH and DP-27. But they were still poor guns, with the RPM being far too low ( 550 ) And the Pan magazine was prone to damage, the Bipod could break if not handled carefully. The recoil spring's location near the barrel led also to overheating
  7. well yeah, by the end of 1942 to the end of the war the Germans and fins used anything they could get there hands on.
  8. No I have never seen this story, but do have any source that I could read on this? Sounds interesting .
  9. well im sure they would need landing craft,but would probably would not be only used for landing operations. Of course they would need but a lot of the forces would most likely not need them for the entire of the Marine force. As they did with the real Marine force they had at the time. Not all the seebattioloin forces had landing craft. But were still used.
  10. Well the Krigsmarine units were already trained in basic training. But had speicalised training to use ships and such.
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