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  1. Nameless556

    Why the Axis lost the war.

    ( sorry that post was a follow up ) But yes the treaty guaranteed . And the reason the voters in the Sudetenland was because it was a ethnic German land.
  2. Nameless556

    Why the Axis lost the war.

    Also if the Axis waited till 1942-43 to invade the soviet union they would have had a much better chance. The Russians in my oppiouin would have waited till at least 1952 to invade Gearmen Poland and Germany.
  3. Nameless556

    Why the Axis lost the war.

    Im not including things like this as they did not have the biggest impacts on the war. Yes I know that some of them did cause ww2 but I am only including the time period 1938-1945. These are some reasons why they lost the war. I know japan invading the soviet union was impractical but just wanted to throw it in there.
  4. The reasons they lost the war: 1 They did not just take out Britain after the blitz of France, Belgium etc. Yes I am aware it would still be very difficult for the Nazis to do this. 2 Invade Russia without enough materials, Tanks, Guns, men. If they had also gotten Japan to invade Siberia. Waited to gather oil from Romania, Not halt the Strumgewer program and just more men. Have Japan wait to get the united States in the war. If Japan would have waited they could very well had a better chance of winning the war. Less Submarines more cruisers. If the Nazis had built more cruisers, battleships. They could have put more of a strain on the British war effort. Better anti aircraft guns. If this was done the Nazi war effort would have been much less effective.