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  1. Nope, not bizarre. Items related to plenty of tyrants would bring a pretty penny!
  2. Indeed, German U-Boats were rescuing survivors of the "Laconia" sinking off West Africa after it had been torpedoed, and notwithstanding radio announcements and flying Red Cross flags, the U-Boats and survivors were attacked by US aircraft. This incident lead to the "Laconia Order," which prohibited any rescue attempts by German ships.
  3. Long time ago, I saw photos of the German efforts at camouflage various areas, mostly as an attempt to change the locations of points of reference for our bombers. Unfortunately, I can't the books, but as I recall they did a pretty good job.
  4. I agree with the others about the errors, but also opine that the amount of space devoted to My Lai and "pop" culture would suggest a title such as "The Sixties," or some such, rather than the teaser used by the author. The only relevance Bonnie and Clyde had for me was viewing it on a base camp visit when we started to get hit with mortars. Our friends on the other side of the wire started to walk them across Cu Chi, but the movie was so good, that most of us waited until we figured the next adjustment would land on top of us.
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