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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. Just read article about the restoration of the RAF rescue boat. Thought it was a good article.just wanted to let you know that there is a my good movie about these boats.Its called The Sea Shall not Have Them. I just watched it on YouTube. Thought it was a good movie.just thought your readers might like to know.
  2. Mikeb216

    White Lilly's

    Excellent article on the female Russian pilot. I thourouly enjoyed the article.writer did an excellent job.
  3. Thouroughly enjoy your site and I look forward to every story and article. However I myself feel that personal opinion and bias should have no place on a site dedicated to presenting historical facts and stories. The article about war movies getting historical facts wrong was a little too far out in left field even for me. The author of said article seems to have missed the purpose entirely of what those movies were intended for. Entertainment. They never said anything about being historical facts, just that some were based on true events. Keywords here Based on, they never claimed to be or intended to be a historical documentary. They were intended for entertainment value. I myself have seen and own most of the movies mentioned in the article. I find them to be very fine movies, with award winning actors. I myself have been in the military and appreciate the hard work and dedication that actors and actresses do in these movies. Please let's stick to war stories and articles and leave the movie critiques to the critics.
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