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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Can anyone give me some idea,,of how,,and how far could a neutral,living in the U.K.,during Second World War,,travel in Europe,,what mode of transport,,restrictions etc,,,
  2. Does anyone have an opinion on the theory,that the Soviets were ready to attack the Nazis,in June 1941,but were pre-emptied,by the Germans,,,,,that being the reason,so many Red Army soldiers were captured,along the Soviet-Polish border,,,,,,,,Re* ,,, A book called “Icebreaker “where this theory is put forward,by a Russian Officer,who defected,in the “nineties “,,,,,,,,
  3. Not quite on this subject,,,can I recommend a book,,”A World On Fire” by Amanda Foreman,,,,it’s about British/American diplomacy,during the civil war,,,,how the Conferacy,tried to get the British,to intervene,on their side,,,,,how Union and Conferate diplomats,in London,tried to thwart,each other’s activities,especially the building of commerce raiders,in British dockyards,,,(The Alabama),,,how it nearly came to war,between,the two countries and how,certain “Yankee” politicians,towards the end of the war,wanted to invade Canada,now the had a well trained,seasoned army,to finish off the aims of the war of independence and “”liberate “ Canada,,,, terrific book,very well researched,but not very well known,,,,,,,see a side of the Civil War,that is rarely mentioned,,,,??
  4. Thanks,Mike,,,, I’ve seen the goose stepping,,,,which seems,pretty easy to do,,,,,just reverse the film,,,,the jig,just looked a little more sophisticated,,,, ,,by the way,,,,I’ve been on this site for ages and have just realised there is a letter format,,,,,,have a nice day,yourself,Mike,,,??
  5. Why did the Americans,agree to keep the Emperor,in place,,,,, because politics trumps morality,every time.,,,,it made the occupation,easier,,Japan faced a hostile communist empire,North Korea,China,Soviet Union,,,,by this time,the “fascist war”was over,,,the new enemy,had been identified,at least,a couple of years earlier,,,,Generally,”The Red Menace “,communism,,,,specifically,the Soviet Union,,,
  6. There were story’s,the Japanese were attempting to surrender,through Swiss mediation??,,but I do believe it was a warning,of sorts,to the Soviet Union,,,who by this time,had become,the “bogeyman “;to the Allies,,,,,,remember,the war in Europe,had been over,for a couple of months and the Russians were by then,imposing their iron will,on Eastern Europe,,,,,,,,and that lasted,for over forty years,,
  7. Whether it was “doctored”or not,there is film of Hitler,doing a jig,looking at the Eiffel Tower,,,,I’ve seen the film,on numerous occasions,,,,,and to My untrained eye,it always looked authentic,,,,,,but,I’m no expert,,???
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