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  1. In this article, at the end, the author states: "Douglas would earn the Medal of Honor during the First World War, and would thus make history with his father." No, actually Douglas would earn the Medal of Honor for his leadership in the Philippines in the Second World War. But this is not to say that Douglas was not brave in the First World War. He won seven Silver Star medals for combat valor, a feat not surpassed until an NCO in the Korean War earned eight Silver Stars. He actually had General of the Army MacArthur pin on his eighth one.
  2. In this article, the author states: "The young man, who was now officially allowed to be a soldier showed great bravery, subsequently receiving the Silver Star and the Purple Heart, the latter being the highest US military decoration." In reality, the Purple Heart is not only NOT the highest US decoration, it is not even a decoration for valor. It is only awarded to an individual for wounds received, or death, as a result of enemy action. The Medal of Honor is, in fact, the highest US decoration. Additionally, the Silver Star is the third highest valor decoration.
  3. First off, let me apologize to all for what clearly appears to be a "rant" in my initial comment. But it is frustrating to see this error repeatedly in the articles on this site. But to answer Philip, the differences between right and left are seen as: the left-wing believes society is best served with an expanded, controlling role for the government, which use social systems and ideologies of force (e.g., socialism, fascism, communism, “progressivism”). The right believes that individual rights and civil liberties are paramount and the role — and especially the power — of the government is minimized, seen in social systems and ideologies of freedom (e.g., capitalism, classical liberalism, constitutional republicanism), and based on fundamental moral truths on which freedom depends. The left believes it is not only ok, but imperative that they take what is yours and spread it to those who did not work for it. The right believes it is their inherent right to keep what they have worked for. Example: we may ask, what about those less fortunate? The left believes in coercion (higher taxes, wealth distribution, etc) to address this problem. The right prefers to use charity and choice (charitable organizations, churches, etc) to address the problem, which by the way has been seen to provide much higher success than force. A current lesson in the news is the destruction of Venezuela by the imposition of socialism as its system of government. Socialism has NEVER worked in any country where it has ever been tried. As long as imperfect humans are running it, it can never work. Sorry for the possibly long-winded answer, but there is, in fact, much more that could be added about these political systems. And one caveat I must state, that even though capitalism is included in much of the discussion about this topic, it is actually a financial system, not a political system. The USA is a federal (constitutional) republic politically and uses capitalism as its financial system.
  4. In this article, the author states that: "As Mussolini transitioned from socialist journalist to right-wing politician in the early 1920s, Rachele’s focus was on the upbringing of their children." Are you kidding? Seriously? You can't tell the difference between left and right? Fascism is LEFT wing! Not right wing. It obviously hurts the authors on this website to admit it because I see this in many articles here. You people keep calling the socialists and fascists right wing. What the hell is wrong with you all? There is nothing right wing about fascism, socialism or communism - they are all of the same fabric. The left! Geez, get it right!
  5. In the article today called, Historic Bunker in Norway Closed Due to High Levels of Vandalism, the author states: Unfortunately, in recent years the bunkers have become a magnet for youths with spray-cans intent on celebrating right-views. Swastikas have appeared on walls, and the words "whites only" along with other racist graffiti have turned what was an abandoned war time relic into a destination for neo-Nazis. My comment is, how is it that you don't understand Nazis were LEFT wing? They were the National Socialists. Socialism is left wing, one step short of communism. Communism is extreme left wing. I have seen this in various different articles on this website - the particular authors calling Nazis or neo-Nazis right wing. It is not. It is LEFT wing! Socialism and all its variants are all on the left side of the political spectrum. Communism, socialism, fascism..... all left wing. If one's thinking is from the left side of the scale, I realize it may be hard to admit that the socialists that ran Germany in the 1930s and 40s, the fascists that ran Italy in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, and modern neo-Nazis, are actually politically kindred spirits, as are the socialist states within Europe today. Individual freedoms have long since been relegated to the dustbin of history in today's European socialist utopia. We see it in the headlines every day. What IS unfortunate is that education systems around the world have it exactly backwards from the truth and no longer teach reality. Two generations have grown up being fed completely erroneous information.
  6. When discussing the AK-47, the author states that in the movie Rambo, the title character wreaks havoc on a town using an AK-47. Uh... no he doesn't. He is actually using an M-60 machine gun that he got out of the back of the deuce and a half truck he stole from a hapless Washington State National Guardsman. Small point, but your comment is inaccurate, nonetheless.
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