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  1. Talk about a superficial look at a very complex topic! Wow! All of the reasons why the US did not achieve victory in Vietnam are political. The most important take-aways from this conflict were: don't permit civilians to dictate military/naval strategy and TTP and ALWAYS have an exit strategy. The most enduring effect of this conflict was that a generation of US military leaders found out how NOT to wage war, as was demonstrated in 1991.
  2. I'm not sure what to make of this piece. In the end, it's an anecdotal compilation of rocket/missile failures that doesn't offer analysis, trends, lessons learned of prospects for the future.
  3. The enabling organizational structure for Blitzkrieg was combined arms and joint operations. Specifically, armor, infantry and artillery were integrated into individual teams that were given specific missions and radio communications. The tactics, techniques and procedures employed by these units was to mass combat power at key/weak points and avoid frontal attacks. Supporting this was the Luftwaffe with their Stukas. In 1939-40 this was a world beating combination and still forms the basis for world class forces today.
  4. Cut and pasted from your article: "The race was to take place between the tallest points on each side of the Atlantic, the Empire State Building in New York and the GPO tower in London (Dodworth, 2006). Each side entered multiple aircraft in various categories. The US originally planned on entering their hypersonic (empahsis added) bomber, the B58 Hustler. However, with the ongoing conflict in Vietnam, the commitment of military resources for such a publicity orientated display was politically inadvisable, as a result, it was withdrawn.
  5. The B-58 Hustler was a supersonic bomber, not "hypersonic". Hypersonic refers to speeds over mach 5, the B-58's top speed was mach 2.
  6. Please tell George Winston that the photos are great, but the headline and the message of the article are flawed. He should stick to photography. ADS-B means Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast. It literally means that aircraft equipped with this system are broadcasting their position in the National Airspace to ground receivers. The F-35 has the equipment and is required to 'squawk' to enable safe separation from traffic. In the 'war' mode the aircraft obviously doesn't do this. Locating military aircraft in combat requires a skin paint that can only be done be some sort of radar. ADS-B receivers don't broadcast. I believe you need a technical editor to review articles.
  7. I must have looked at the photo of Eisenhower speaking to the 101st before their jump a thousand times. I had no idea the placarded soldier was Strobel. I thought he was relieved prior to D Day. The article about Martin is great. Is he the same Martin who ran the prisoner grab at the end of the War?
  8. After doing a little research I found the source article that this post was lifted from: https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/06/25/world-war-ii-intelligence-officer-given-congressional-medal/ The author of your article took the liberty to add "of Honor" to the piece. Perhaps a little research by the editor would save this site some embarrassment. The article should be spiked.
  9. This article is confusing. The piece doesn't give the reader sufficient information to compare the Navy's situation before or after implementation of some report that is not named. The framework of what's going on is missing.
  10. There aren't many WWII buffs that don't know that " The final version of the P-51 was the P-51D" is NOT correct. It's a great add without much historical value.
  11. Paladin

    Comment on article: Ford GAA

    Perhaps the editor can insert the author's name in the first sentence of this article that I've pasted here: "Author’s name here takes a look at the development history and features of an engine that powered the M4 Sherman and other vehicles. "
  12. This article is confusing and provides unsupported warrants. The author spends a good deal of time describing how the Type 21 was the most technologically advanced submarine in the world and only provides two other sources that supports the title of the piece. The piece isn't cohesive and the bottom line leaves the reading asking why.
  13. Thanks for the article. It's ironic that the reason the B-32 wasn't chosen for mass production, even though it out ranged and was faster than the B-29, was lack of pressurization (and therefore lacked high altitude capability) because the B-29 was only effective when employed at low altitude during the fire bombing raids. I'm a bit confused by this line in the article: " The next day, the Japanese were forced to remove the propellers from their planes to avoid another incident in the skies." There's no context; it seems to be added at the end of the paragraph.