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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. Robert..Stalin was a butcher..but he was no fool...Those arms factories were being relocated before Hitler went into Poland..
  2. Yea..misread the title!..sorry about that..having said that,my choice would have been T34 series for allied armor..
  3. Panther....considered by many armor experts the best tank in the world till the mid 50's...
  4. In my view,there were three underlying reasons Germany lost WWII....1.Germany began the war before they were prepared to do so.Had Hitler waited another four to six years,the outcome could have been very different...2.. Once committed,Germany wasted its air force in the Battle Of Britain..The Luftwaffe became mostly a defensive arm following that disaster allowing allied bombing of Their industrial complex which was a no win situation....3..Operation Barbarossa...The attack on the Soviet Union,despite initial success,ended up being a war of attrition that Germany could not sustain in terms of manpower,material,or finances...
  5. ME 262 was a game changer...set the stage for the future...
  6. Thunderbolt by far the most durable and unsurpassed for payload.....
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