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  1. Would love to see something like that. Come on War History Online, make it happen
  2. CordMan


    You might like these https://boards.warhistoryonline.com/gallery/category/1-member-albums/ I took them at the St Petersburg Artillery museum. Loads of Cold War stuff there.
  3. I took these in 2015 in St Petersburg. I've a load more including video if you guys are interested.
  4. CordMan


    Did you get to fly the simulators? I'm guessing they weren't the sort you can buy on Amazon
  5. Great film. I wish there were more German films like this
  6. I just watched "Gangs of New York" again. Great film and these riots featured heavily.
  7. For me it's this https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/beautiful-spitfire-in-color-b.html I'll take 2.... and an F-16 for daily use.
  8. Can we have a fund me portion of the community please http://www.airplanemart.com/aircraft-for-sale/Military-Warbird/0000-McDonnell-Douglas-F-4-Phantom-FGR2/11909/
  9. Have you thought about a part of the forum just for those readers who are more actively involved? Where we could contribute like Ra3y suggested? Or maybe for subject matter experts?
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