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  1. Chosin Retreat

    Would love to see something like that. Come on War History Online, make it happen
  2. Introductions

    You might like these https://boards.warhistoryonline.com/gallery/category/1-member-albums/ I took them at the St Petersburg Artillery museum. Loads of Cold War stuff there.
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  7. P1080271.JPG

  8. I took these in 2015 in St Petersburg. I've a load more including video if you guys are interested.
  9. Introductions

    Did you get to fly the simulators? I'm guessing they weren't the sort you can buy on Amazon
  10. U-Boat 96, and the film Das Boot

    Great film. I wish there were more German films like this
  11. I just watched "Gangs of New York" again. Great film and these riots featured heavily.
  12. For me it's this https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/beautiful-spitfire-in-color-b.html I'll take 2.... and an F-16 for daily use.
  13. Can we have a fund me portion of the community please http://www.airplanemart.com/aircraft-for-sale/Military-Warbird/0000-McDonnell-Douglas-F-4-Phantom-FGR2/11909/
  14. What should we do better?

    Have you thought about a part of the forum just for those readers who are more actively involved? Where we could contribute like Ra3y suggested? Or maybe for subject matter experts?