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  1. PeterB

    War of Secession motives

    I doubt that they did opinion surveys at the start of the civil war... & personally I would distrust post war surveys as being influenced by too much emotion & need to justify actions. I will be interested to hear other opinions.
  2. PeterB

    War of Secession motives

    Very interesting question although I think the best you can hope for is opinions. I have read (& I cannot remember where) that the majority of the common soldiers had no slaves & were not really interested in the question at all. That their most common motive was simply defending their state. I am not from the North or South so I have no "dog in this hunt".
  3. PeterB


    In my experience, most war veterans only talk to each other, about the things they saw & went through. Most non combatants dont understand.
  4. PeterB


    Yeah, he was impressive, had several medals for bravery (DCM & MM) but would tell me nothing about the war. His standard reply was "I cant remember". He only came out with some information when the grandchildren started asking questions. Before that I knew nothing.
  5. PeterB


    Hello, I am a history buff who grew up absorbing brass bands & bagpipe music thanks to my fathers records. My Dad was Royal Engineers from 1935-48 or so, serving in Norway, Iraq, the middle East, Sicily & Anzio & my Grandad was Lancashire Fusiliers from 1905-1919 serving in India & the western front. So with all that no surprise that I have an interest in the military. My own interest is the Victorian British military & I collect British Victorian military rifles (& shoot them).
  6. I didn't know that but I am not surprised. I grew up hearing tales of the blitz from my mother who lived through it in London, with 3 kids during the war years (not me). My wife also had her step fathers younger brother killed in his pram (stroller) when a Doodlebug came down nearby. My Nan, also in London, was fortunately in an air raid shelter when a German incendiary came through the roof & landed on her bed....& presumably didn't ignite.