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  1. I think that the tide of the war changes around three battles : Stalingrad - Alamein - Midway. Of course, in the european theatre was Stalingrad.
  2. I´m from Argentina too, we need a new list of countries.
  3. The PPSh 41 was a confidence weapon in every enviroment but I think it´s underpowered. The 7,62 x 25 isn´t a good military round. The 9 Para is a better cartridge for this kind of weapons. My vote is MP40
  4. My vote was for the M 1 but I forget the MP 44, the concept for the future. Well done Joe
  5. Hi Pieter I was an scuba diver specialized in maritime archaeology, you would be surprised how most materials were preserved better in an underwater enviroment than in land
  6. My vote is: Messerschmitt Me 262
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