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  1. The best Medium Range Bomber

    Medium range ? - B-25 Mitchell & De Havilland Mosquito
  2. I think that the tide of the war changes around three battles : Stalingrad - Alamein - Midway. Of course, in the european theatre was Stalingrad.
  3. Where in the world are your from?

    I´m from Argentina too, we need a new list of countries.
  4. What was the best submachine gun of WWII?

    The PPSh 41 was a confidence weapon in every enviroment but I think it´s underpowered. The 7,62 x 25 isn´t a good military round. The 9 Para is a better cartridge for this kind of weapons. My vote is MP40
  5. What is your favorite rifle from WWII?

    My vote was for the M 1 but I forget the MP 44, the concept for the future. Well done Joe
  6. Hi Pieter I was an scuba diver specialized in maritime archaeology, you would be surprised how most materials were preserved better in an underwater enviroment than in land
  7. What was the best fighter plane of WWII?

    My vote is: Messerschmitt Me 262