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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. My father-in-law served aboard the Bordelon DD-881 during the Korean War. Here's a story that we were told. While on a mission he went overboard. He told us that they would not have turned back to get him if not for the fact that another sailor jumped in to help him. With 2 men in the water, they did go back and get them. Supposedly, this man was later court martialed. We have tried to find this mans named but can't find any records or anyone alive that remembers. My wife wasn't born yet, so my and my children owe this man their existence. I for one am very grateful.
  2. While the P51 changed the war by being a great long range escort, the Yak3 had a much better power to weight ratio and could out perform most other planes. My surprise to this vote is that the P38 Lightning isn't on the list. If I remember the numbers correctly, it shot down more planes than any other single allied plane and had the most allied aces.
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