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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. One thing about WW2 I have always wondered about and that is how did so many German military men, usually officers but not always, manage to travel all over the world right after the war. The country was devastated it wasn't like you could just go buy an airline ticket and away you went to Australia or South America. How did they manage to do it.
  2. You recently printed a story from WW2 about a ranger unit and the fact that a number of german prisoners were murdered there by a ranger and at the end it was stated that so far as is known their bodies were never recovered and as such are still there. Are there any plans by the German government or anybody else to investigate this with the point of returning those remains to Germany for a proper burial?
  3. I almost voted for Rommel but ended up voting for Guderian. I like Rommel a lot and it tells a lot that Hitler made him commit suicide in the end to protect his family. How many of you reading this would be willing to do that for your family. Guderian like Rommel frequently opposed Hitler and suffered as a result but to his credit Guderian was much the better politician and did so in such a way as to get away with it for the most part while Rommel did not.
  4. Interesting, I was born the year your mother and father met (1949). My father never spoke of the war, never. I am 3/4 german myself but I was born here in America and have no knowledge of what happened in Germany, therefore I read all I can find that appears to be authentic information on what it was like. I will read your book as soon as I can find a copy. Thank you for letting the world know what happened from the German civilian side of things.
  5. Patton said that we should have kept going on against Russia. He said we are going to have to fight them sooner or later, might as well do it now while we have everything here already. Turns out he was pretty much right. The way Germany was treated after the war was a disgrace for everyone involved, even America's forces stole and looted plenty. Check the DNA of most Germans today and you'll find a lot of Russian DNA floating around. No need to ask where that came from.
  6. I live just North up in Washington State and I'd never heard of this plane, it is so cool they decided to fix it up into flying condition. I am going to look up exactly where it is and try to go see it one day soon.
  7. Yes they got paid, not a whole lot but they did, twice a month normally, but when things started going bad on the eastern front sometimes it would be months before they got paid.
  8. That B-29 is such a huge airplane. You don't know how big it really is until you see one parked next to a B-17, not a small aircraft by any means and the B-17 looks like a toy next to the B-29.
  9. Do you have any photo's of an intact working boat of this type so I can see what it looked like "in action"?
  10. If you saw that coming at you only thing to do is run as fast as you can in the other direction.
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