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  1. Is it illegal to have Nazi memorabilia in Argentina? Granted this stuff is illegal in Germany and a couple of other European countries but Argentina? I thought Argentina had close ties with many Nazis who fled there after the war? The Police must have raided this property for a different reason and found all this Nazi stuff, I stand to be corrected due to not knowing the full circumstances of the video/raid. Thanks for sharing this video. Very interesting.
  2. Definitely the M1 Garand. Made famous for killing Nazis and Fanatical Japanese during WW2 and also the weapon that killed 'Jaws' A very reliable weapon in all theatres of war from The Pacific to Europe and the worlds first truly reliable mass issued semi automatic rifle.
  3. Geoff

    My favorite plane of Gulf War 1

    For me it was the British Tornado also used by Italy. Very effective low level pin point strikes on Iraqi airfields and aircraft shelters.
  4. Geoff


    Hi Guys, I just wanted to say a quick hello. Interested mainly in WW2-present day conflicts. i look forward to talking to you all online. kind regards Geoff