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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Thomas Moreton

    Speed of Sound WW2

    Were there any piston driven airplanes of WW2 that came close to the speed of sound or actually broke the speed of sound?
  2. Thomas Moreton

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    Too much attention to the Holocaust for starters. Lack of a strategic bomber. Failure to control the seas. The invasion of the Soviet Union. Einstein leaving.
  3. Thomas Moreton

    Irma News

    I haven't heard any news about the cemetery in Bushnell did it take any damage from the storm?
  4. Thomas Moreton


    All safe here.
  5. Thomas Moreton


    I'm new to this forum and got some questions. Is there a way we can assemble old military equipment for pre and post hurricane rescue efforts. I.e. Ww2 or any era duce and a halfs ducks and other equipment?