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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Have you any reference to the debunking of the Heidrich story. Apologize, meant 85% of generals and above.
  2. The problem was that no officers were prepared to make decisions unless STAVKA authorized it. By the time they had a reply , it was too late. For your interest Reinhardt Heidrich sold a dossier to the KGB for 2 million gold roubels, which implicated Tukhashevsky, and got the ball rolling for the NKVD to do their work of executing 85% of all the officers in the army. He worked for the Abwehr and it is the highest price known so far to be paid to a foreign agent for info.
  3. Read about he purge of the Russian armed forces prior to the war, to understand why command was so poor.
  4. The T34 had a. Christie designed suspension, and the rest was indigenous. I think that you need more research about this campaign to appreciate how complex it was.
  5. There are so many issues. Yes Germany did underestimate the industrial might and technology of the Russians. However, the real reason for the invasion, was that Germany owed Russia a huge amount of money for commodities supplied, which it could not pay for. Russia kept its side of the agreement, but all that Germany did was to make a part payment with a halfcompleted cruiser , to be named the Lutzou. Most wars have an economic element to causation.
  6. The British taught the Yanks how to fly the Corsair, without killing themselves. The Btits used it as a carrier plane . It would have outclassed the FW 190, which was the best prop plane the Germans made in WW11. Look at the stats on the plane.
  7. Vought Corsair. Kill ratio fantastic and also flew in the Korean War like the P51.
  8. T34. Sloped armour, good power to weight ratio, low ground pressure ( not bogged down easily), Christie suspension, long service life and cheap. There are negatives, but overall a game changer in WW11.
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