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  1. I knew Montgomery was was vain but this just takes the cake!
  2. Hello all

    I'm from Arnhem, the Netherlands so that is where my fascination with Operation Market Garden comes from. You may want to check out the Arnhem Bridge post on the Battlefields forum, I posted a great image there. If Edward isn't your real name, how can I call you?
  3. Hello all

    Hi Edward!
  4. Pacific Battle Jungle Combat Exp

    Did you take any pictures when you were there?
  5. What a stroke of luck that they were able to meet up after the war. Stunning, inspiring, heart warming.
  6. Thanks for sharing, what an eery place!
  7. What if Hitler had lauched the invasion? Would he have succeeded?
  8. Agreed, they played a vital role which is all too easily overlooked. Also, Milne Bay was a turningpoint in the PTO, the first invasion that was repulsed.
  9. Still Serving

    Hello Irish Bob, nice to meet you and welcome!
  10. Hello!

    Hi Dale, nice to meet you!
  11. Arnhem Bridge

    One more but then I really should get some work done. This picture was taken during the "Race to the Bridge" event in which takes place every year in September.
  12. Arnhem Bridge

    One more, this is a memorial plaque located at the top of the stairs. In WWII the brigade HQ building would have been in the background.
  13. Arnhem Bridge

    This is how the same area looked before the war started. Makes me really sad to see what the post-war planners did, there were other options too.