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  1. The best Medium Range Bomber

    B-25 Mitchell, great plane!
  2. Not using it was too ghastly a thought...
  3. Worst Job in War

    Burning poo in Vietnam, also not so high on the list of fun things to do.
  4. Interesting books, @Linkert
  5. Weird military planes

    XF-85 Goblin
  6. Weird military planes

    SU-47 Berkut
  7. Weird military planes

    Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster
  8. Weird military planes

    Vought V-173/XF5U-1, the flying pancake!
  9. Over the years, many weird military planes have been developed let us all post images of them here! Blohm & Voss BV 141
  10. Introductions

    Welcome to the forum, Arwel! Great intro
  11. Introductions

  12. Introductions

    Nice to meet you, DutchMedic!
  13. I found this video that shows us the castle as it is now: