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  1. Interesting books, @Linkert
  2. Weird military planes

    XF-85 Goblin
  3. Weird military planes

    SU-47 Berkut
  4. Weird military planes

    Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster
  5. Weird military planes

    Vought V-173/XF5U-1, the flying pancake!
  6. Over the years, many weird military planes have been developed let us all post images of them here! Blohm & Voss BV 141
  7. Greetings!

    Welcome to the forum, Arwel! Great intro
  8. Cheers eh!

  9. DutchMedic saying hi!

    Nice to meet you, DutchMedic!
  10. I found this video that shows us the castle as it is now:
  11. Pretty weird, the British lose 16,500 men for pushing the Germans 800 yards back but it is the lack of shells that causes the government to change.
  12. Where in the world are your from?

    The Netherlands, reporting for duty!
  13. Call of Duty - WWII (Trailer)

    Sorry to be a nit-picker but this caught my eye and it's not a WWII jeep! The rest of the game looks excellent though, can't wait to see it!
  14. It contains the footage we all know about the battle but there is a lot more, well worth watching!