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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. got that one on the list mate, not sure I could handle the pentagon papers but I'll have a shuftee I have been reading a lot of personal recounts of the war the laos, most of them the SF forces guys, but the one that strikes meis ' Meeting Steve Canyon'
  2. I know mate I'm still reading and trying to understand I can see different generations going through vietnam as well, I must admit I was looking for references to my friend who was an mp and probably got into lrrp , i saw his 'get out of jail ' cards but the whole political thing still intrigues me
  3. I've visited TX a lot with vets, I have to stand back because I wasn't there and often have to hold my tongue, it's really good to listen to someone who was been there and looks into why
  4. and American pilots armed the Viet Minh even further by missing their drop zones at Dien Bien Phu *stirring the pot*
  5. absolutely! cross out Dien Bien Phu, insert Khe Sahn , I'll be looking for Hell in a very small place soon as I finish (on the last chapters now) but I'm open for recommendations
  6. Good god that has opened my eyes to what was going on, I'm honestly shocked , I'm about 3/4 through but am amazed at the goings on in the American political brains before they sent their boys out there to die in a war thy couldn't win thanks Bufflo
  7. CAR 15 M203 Grenade Launcher Various Winchester Shotguns SF even used silenced Sten Guns
  8. obviously a maltese cross design, no ribbon as far as I can see. so I suspect a temperance badge/medal
  9. Stephen, FIRST don't even think that Hollywood films are the truth, second yes of course they did
  10. Great ! but a word to the wise, don't believe Hollywood, do your own research, read read read and if you're still not sure ask to quote a song I quite like 'But I never saw John Wayne on the sands of Iwo Jima' ( ie he wasn't there and neither was the film crew or writers)
  11. I'm open to correction here and probably haven't explained myself too well, most jewish people in Britain didn't see the need to emigrate, they weren't persecuted, they had good lives, so going to fight (again) for a place to live and breath wasn't a dream The British troops in Palestine only really wanted to go home, the last thing they wanted was to be involved in that debacle. The influx of the Jewish people to Palestine was from mainland europe, from the camps and the horror. I'm sure there were ex soldiers amongst them. search Jewish Brigade on google for a few more ideas
  12. Sidi Rezegh cemetery, approx 1942. taken by my father
  13. Oh there were a lot of ex germans soldiers in there, Until the legion introduced a policy of no more than a certain % later ... Didn't really do them any good in any of their colonial wars after that! daft buggers forgot their tactics in suppressing failed dramatically
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