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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. it would be a hard call .. spitty was the best fighter plane i feel but the 109 would have been as well but for the armour plating around the cockpit and the fixed pitch prop it could not perform at its best .. so to the fock wulf .. the mustang was a total was till the poms put the merlin engine in it .. the zero was built to perform and it did that quite well but it could not take hits ... the yak was a bit of a bulldozer of the skies but it was lacking in speed .. my pick rest on 4 planes .. the spit .. the pommy mustang .. the mosguito.. the lightning followed very closely by the tornadoe
  2. dont want to piss on ya picnic but the yanks sold the mustang to the poms because it was not a good aircraft .. it lacked power ..it couldnt climb .. it couldnt keep up with the german planes ...but when the poms put a rolls royce super marine engine in the mustang airframe all hell broke loose in the skies over germany ... the mustang and the spitfire along with the hurricane were the front line planes ... the yanks reclaimed the mustang when they realized the poms upgrade put them to shame ...
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