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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone serviced, built, flown these planes:? FJ Fury F4D Skyray F7 Cutlass. I see the F4D as a possible Stealth fighter type updated for today, am I off?? & same for F7. FJ is a F86 for the Navy. Skyray is classic like the B58. Comments, ideas.
  2. Urge a whole section devoted to Nazi Advanced Tech & UFOs. With the UFO Craze beginning in 1947 to date, trace the Nazi Tech to Today. I read someplace that the Nazi Bell "crashed" in PA in 1965. Either way we need a Nazi UFO Section to WHO Forums & articles. Sample book/s on Nazi Tech: Luftwwaffe Secret Projects: Stragetic Bombers 1935-1945 " " " : Fighters 1935-1945 & similar books by Dieter Herwing & Heinz Rode 1998, 2000. Have many more Secret Project books out now by authors. & other sources alone. Love to see Tech specs inside Nazi UFOs: control deck,engines, life support, for said craft. IE via CAD, artist concepts, & 3D animation. Same for Nazi Carrier project that was never built. Section needs: Photos,maps, graphs, diagrams, artist concepts, 3D models, models too. IE show Nazi Area 51 base in E Europe?
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