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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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Found 15 results

  1. Must see museumship: Every veteran who served is recognized & named over the PA with a Thank You for Your service. No audio wands on tour. Follow yellow arrows. Much work to be done. No food service. Can take pieces of deck home for 5.00 On tour Did NOT see CIC,Mn Engine spaces or Main battle turret for16 in guns. Much more to be done. Arriving on deck, the deck watch asks if any is military or former,U give him your details & hear name announced over PA. No food service ashore. Signage helps explain tour Love the 5 in turrets, compact size. Much labor in a BB alone for all manned guns. 16 in guns alone had huge workforce. See Iowa, San Pedro CA, near Cruise Terminal Center. Take 110 Frwy to San Pedro.
  2. Love to see a documentary mini about when 3 SR71s over flew Hanoi & made sonic boom in 1972 while war raged & boosted POW morale. Awesome morale story via the SR 71. Has anyone served in any SR 71 Sqdn, Group during the Cold War & Vietnam? Did anyone here about Hanoi sonic boom buzz in 1972. Any way we can contact ex Nam POWs about sonic boom buzz?? Make an awesome story to tell. Anything A-Z on SR 71 from those who Served in said Squadrons, Wing, Group aside Skunk Works ex employees IF declassfied.
  3. Did any modified Guppy class diesel subs probe the Arctic prior USS Nautilus voyage or No?? Did any even attempt to break icepack during said voyages?? Anyone serve on Guppy class boats after WW2?? The subs with streamlined sails & no deck guns etc. prior Skipjack class SSN type. Or did subs spy on China offshore aside No Korea during Korean War.
  4. What if the following occured: Lincoln was NOT shot April 1865. JFK was NOT shot in Nov 1963 & the outcome of the coming Vietnam War. Teddy Roosevelt ran for President 2X: early 1900s after McKinnley shooting & then for WW1. Woodrow Wilson ran for President & won in 1918 cementing plans for League of Nations idea.
  5. I wonder if anyone can elaborate on the alleged Cold War era underground explosives laid out across West Germany to counter expected massive Soviet tank offensive. I vaguely remember it mentioned somewhere, but never read or heard anything definitive on that.
  6. Espionage is a part of warfare so this is written in that spirit. I just finished a book “Operation SOLO” by John Barron and it was very good - also a dense book since it is full of details. For my taste, John pushes his opinions into the book too much - he works hard to insert some criticism of Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, etc. That criticism may or may not be accurate but it didn’t fit well into this narrative. The story is how Morris Childs started out as a Communist who attended a school in Moscow that trained people to go back to their home countries and be agents of the Soviet Union. He went back to the U.S. and worked his way into being the Deputy for the U.S. Communist Party, and the financier for it. Morris Childs worked with Gus Hall, Chairman of the U.S. Communist Party, for decades. Morris was brought into the confidence of all of the significant Communist figures of the Cold War, traveled to all of the significant Communist countries and meetings, etc. After reading the “secret” speech by Kruschev he became disillusioned and started working for the FBI. The FBI ran Morris and most of his family as political agents - they visited the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Europe, etc etc etc and gathered the thoughts and goals of the various leaders. The book has some remarkable photos - Morris Childs with Brezhnev, Gus Hall, and lots of Soviet luminaries! But also with FBI Director William Sessions! Morris was decorated by the highest levels of both sides of the Cold War. Morris worked both sides from 1958 until 1981 - an amazing length of time. It is amazing that the Childs family could carry off this deception for years - giving the U.S. a tremendous insight into the thoughts of all of the significant Communist leaders. The Soviets passed millions of dollars to Morris, who reported it all to the FBI - so they knew exactly who was getting the money and how much. During most of this time, Morris Childs had terrible health. He had had heart attacks, etc. but he kept traveling the world going to Communist meetings. It is remarkable that he is quoted many times saying how he despised the Communists he worked so closely with for so very long - how can you spend so much time with them and hide your true feelings? With all of this insight, I have to ask why the U.S. was caught unaware so many times. The answer is in part that the information was so valuable that the FBI could only tell a very few people about it - which is a tremendous handicap. Also leaders on both sides do things that make sense at the time - to appease political needs, to reward or punish people, etc. I have read a number of books about the Cold War and espionage and have to conclude that very little is ever kept secret. Both sides were riddled with spies - Oleg Penkovsky, Aldrich Ames, etc etc etc. This tells me that no conspiracy can ever be kept secret long - Morris Childs got away with his mission so long since so few people knew about it.
  7. Were any Ex SAS & LRDG vets among the Israeli or Arab forces in 1948 war for Israeli independce? Whole area would reek LRDG presence since exp in No Africa.
  8. Anyone served in Task Force Delta to improve the American GI during Vietnam War era. Or the 1st Earth Battillion? Task Force Delta is, was a " New Age" research Unit. The Unit commander was Jim Channon? Have show on AHC Codes & Conspiracies. Fodder for TV movie, movie, TV serial?? Movie: Men Who Stare at Goats. Ideas, comments. 1st Earth Batt needs its own Museum & or Archieve if viable Today or place within a Vietnam War Museum.
  9. How many of Saddams palaces survived the war & then Iraq War 2 Are any suitable for tourism or hotels??? How many are owned by the Iraq govt or college??? Or are most razed save those used by US Command then in area? Never seen any pics or vidoes or seen use in movies IE 3 Kings?
  10. Best S Korean made movie on Korean War. Good FX, costuming, period pieces, etc. Liam Neelson is OK as Macarthur but Gregory Peck was better. Good CG FX used. Story about 8 elite undercover men to find chart to minefield offshore for landing. No backstory to Unit until end IE training etc not seen. Only newest movie made about Korean War, since last one I saw was Pork Chop Hill & Men Of the Fighting Lady, Bridges of Toko Ri. Need more Korean War tales. IE If we had such strong bombing offensive, why did we sign Truce with No Korea. Didnt our bombers wreck No Korean economy?? Or was the truce signed due to Russia & China entry into War? Must see movie, non Epic.
  11. Read that the real Bridges of Toko Ri raid used A1 Skyraiders & NOT F9F Panthers from movie The Bridges of Toko Ri. Comments,??
  12. What WW2 combat planes did Israelis & Arab Air forces use in combat? any B25G, B25H, B17, B24?? B29s? & ex Axis combat planes like Me109, Me110, etc. Saw only 1 movie cover the air war for Israel in 1948. & from RAF.
  13. Said base is in Greenland, But has potential for these uses: R&D Lab Nav beacon for ships, subs, planes. Arctic research center. Hostel AirBnB. Sub Base?? Rescue center for Canadian Coast Guard? From reusing idle base acerage alone. Use prefab modules to house crew. Bore ice tunnels to house subs inside rock & supply subs. Sonar Test lab. EW Base. Arctic Training base for US, NATO forces. Problem: Debris around Camp Century & any radioactive waste from ex nuclear reactors? Whole new base would be Prefab from plant say in Halifax,Canada, or Bangor Maine. New base name: "Camp Century 2. Camp New Genesis 2." Anyone here served at Camp Century or knew of anyone who did??
  14. Is there any Video, photos from USS Nautilus voyage under Icepack in 1954-5 Orr are they still classified? Recall few photos & text on then Secret voyage. Anyone ex crew to USS Nautilus, Pls comment. Never saw any Docustory say on NG about said voyage. & same for USS Seawolf voyage which Breaks Icepack in 1958. & Project Coldfeet is base for movie Ice Station Zebra, 1968.
  15. How come there's no separate section for the Cold War, while there is one for practically every other human conflict, from the ancient days to the Gulf War? I hope it's not because you don't consider the Cold War to be a conflict on a pair with WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars. Please, tell me I'm wrong, and open a separate section for all Cold War warriors. Plenty of them will thank you. Plus, where else can I have my articles posted, since they don't fit into any other category but that one? I should know, you have already posted two of my articles in your fine website WAR HISTORY ONLINE! Thank you! Спасибо большое! ¡Muchas gracias! ---- Miguel Vargas-Caba, Bronx, NY, USA.
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