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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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Found 4 results

  1. NUREMBERG TRIALS MEMORIUM The Palace of Justice in Nuremberg and its legendary Courtroom 600 have historically earned a place among the most recognized landmarks of the WW2 and the Holocaust. In this detailed tour, I would take you, step by step, along the all main sites and stations around and inside the NUREMBERG TRIALS MEMORIUM complex. With a historical insight into the background and venue of the process itself and of the locations here. I hope, this new material will both engage you and encourage to make your own trip to Nuremberg. As always, I would appreciate your feedback on the subject. Feel free to ask questions and suggestions, make additions, tell your stories. Yours faithfully, Maksym. https://war-documentary.info/nuremberg-trials-memorium/
  2. NAZI PARTY RALLY GROUNDS IN NUREMBERG I have visited Germany in August 2018, traveled and researched dozens of historical sites and now want to share a series of artless with you, devoted to the Second World War, the Holocaust, The Third Reich, and the Nazis. My first among the closely interconnected materials is devoted to the Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg. An open-air museum, witnessed the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, the proclamation of the Nuremberg laws. In this detailed article, I have researched each of the Nazi Rallies and each of the site of the historical importance, you visit today. In this pilot GERMANY series of articles, I would be grateful for your feedback and hope, that days and weeks on travel-research-writing would be interesting and meaningful for you. Travel your own history. https://war-documentary.info/nazi-party-rally-grounds-nuremberg/
  3. IAN KERSHAW – HITLER An enormously detailed 2000-page-volume ‘HITLER’ by Ian Kershaw is indeed among the best examples of military history studies. As mean to express respect to the author, I have made, as always, an enthusiastically detailed material on the first volume (1889-1936: Hubris). I invite you to deepen into Kershaw’s career and motivation, to examine correlation with previous classic Hitler’s biographies (Bullock, Fest, Maser, Hamann, Toland), to draw the lines on popular myths with I. Kershaw. I hope this exhaustive book review would motivate you to invest time in reading. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. You may now find a ‘follow’ button within the article to stay in touch. https://war-documentary.info/ian-kershaw-hitler/
  4. ‘TRIUMPH OF THE WILL’ Analysis After my August trip to Nuremberg and visiting ww2 sites, I’ve decided to manage a thoroughly detailed historical and movie analysis of the most well-known propaganda movie in history. Let’s deepen into the personality of Leni Riefenstahl, the historical features of the “Triumph of the Will”, analyze each of the 12 scenes in detail, plan by plan – speech by speech, as well as the movie techniques, behind the scenes story. I’ve used an extensive library on the subject and two weeks of work finalized in an article of 5000-words volume. Please feel free to comment. Feedback inspirers me to travel, write and share thoughts. https://war-documentary.info/triumph-of-the-will/
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