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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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Found 1 result

  1. We need a Pershing Mexico Incursion Museum honoring US forces seeking Pancho Villa after Columbus NM raid. Museum other names: "Pancho Villa Expeditionary Force Museum Pershing Exp Force Museum Hunt for Pancho Villa Museum US Mexico Border Wars Museum" Museum features: Mock battlefield? Equip dioramas Base camp US Army diorama Base camp, Villas forces diorama Mexico map & US routes. documents,photos, models, logistic numbers, spreadsheets for supplies., treaties. Patton & machine gun armed truck. Mexican village .( house Cantina in village with functional B&B Inn for income) Pershing main tent. US air power in mission US RR & Incursion routes. Cantina: serve New Mex, AZ Mex TX Mex fare & homemade salsa & tortillas. & BBQ area for guests & smoked meats. Gun Range: fire WW1 era arms with range supervisors. See WW1 era silent movies. Tequila distillary?? horse trails & camping.( US side). US /Mexico Trade office. USBP Center. Banquet Hall Center. Cinema to air WW1 silent era movies & 1960s Mex Rev movies: Zapata, Villa Rides,. Wild Bunch, The Professionals, 1966, 100 Rifles, etc. also for side income. IF not on Main Tour. Museum locales: So NM, AZ, So TX. Museum covers only pre WW1 raid but can allude to the drug war with Mexico since the 1970s to today/. Income sources: Group Tours Tickets for tours. Events. Cantina dining: breakfast-dinner hours. TV & Movie shooting area?? B&B Inn within Mexican village aside Cantina for $$$$ & General store. Ride in WW1 era cars, trucks?? on road. Museum would use idle acerage for project, any idle sizable bldgs for reuse. Benefits: Boost education on event Boost US Mex ties Income for area sited. Year round tourism. Local home made Mexican cuisine, Host events for US & Mexico. Needed. PR border wall project planned. Reuse idle acerage for $$$$. Rebuilt locally by local labor. Archieves nationwide from event copied & shipped to museum site. & from Mexico too.
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