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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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I never knew that a German officer in WWII ordered his soldiers to hold fire to allow the rescue of an American soldier who stepped on a landmine. When no one came the officer went to rescue the soldier but stepped on a landmine himself.

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October 7, 1994, saw a strange sight over the Hürtgen War Cemetery in Hürtgen, Germany. The cemetery is the final home of 3001 bodies – mostly German and mostly from WWII. It is therefore quite common to see Germans gather there to honor their dead.

But on that day, there was another group paying their respects to the fallen. Led by Lieutenant Colonel John Ruggles, former Regimental Executive Officer of the 22nd Infantry, the men were setting up a monument to a German officer.

What makes the whole thing strange was that the men were American veterans of WWII. Not only that but they had actually fought the German officer they were there to honor.


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Just goes to show , not all nazis were fanatics , there were alot of professional soldiers in their ranks. I've met a few in my life and all were as good men as one could hope to find, One of the best was a former SS trooper who was 72 yrs old when I met him in the mid 80's.

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