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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Band of Brothers Actors Signing - December 2016

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In December 2016 a Band of Brothers fundraising event for the World War II Foundation (http://www.wwiifoundation.org) was held. 14 Band of Brothers actors came to Bastogne to participate in the annual commorations and to sign autographs to hundred of fans who came to meet them.

Here are some (behind the scenes) pictures that I took during the event.

The actors with the hosts who welcomed us in their "Nuts Castle" which served as the 101st HQ after the siege was lifted.


Shane Taylor and Chris Langlois at the unveiling of a memorial for René Lamaire, a Belgian nurse who volunteered to help take care of the wounded and was killed in the Battle.

Shane Taylor played Doc Roe in the series, Chris is the grandson of Doc Roe. 


The actors, including Dale Dye, read the text on the new monument.


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James Madio (Perconte) and Rick Gomez (Luz) at the Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne. 


Ross McCall joined them at the 101st Airborne logo. 


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The actors looking in disbelief at the defaced monument in the Bois Jacques forest.


The actors and sons of George Luz and Smokey Gordon at the original foxholes in the Bois Jaques forest.


Scotty Gordon, son of Smokey Gordon with Actor Ben Kaplan who played Smokey Gordon in the series in the original foxhole where Smokey had his machine gun.


Reg Jans, Battlefield tour guide and organiser of the event holds up a picture of Smokey Gordon


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Some pics of the actors at work, I was busy during the signing so I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures. 



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We finished off the event with a Battlefield tour of the Bastogne perimeter and we lay flowers at the grave of René Lamaire.



This was a very emotional moment for Chris Langlois and Shane Taylor. 



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