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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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ed forsyth

Honouring The Fallen in Wars

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What do members think of how different countries treat and honour their fallen when they are killed in foreign lands

The countries of the British Commonwealth at the end of the 1914-1918 War created the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

They decided that all their Fallen would be buried in the countries where they died.  This established the practice that seemed to

assume they owned the Remains of the Fallen, No consultation was made of the next of kin  by Canadian Governments for Their Fallen.

No study has been made of other Commonwealth Countries. In 1970 the Canadian Government decided that the Remains all future Fallen 

would be repatriated to Canada  > Again next of kin had no in put or choice.

The United States have been consistent with their policy which resulted in all their fallen would have their Remains brought home to the USA

except  for my those where the next of kin specifically requested their loved ones would be buried in country where they died.

No study has been made of  other countries and their policies  Perhaps other countries have rules for Repatriation or non Repatriation and 

will contribute .

The attachments will show the Shame that has been created by past governments in the  treatment of Canada's Fallen  and the unequal

Honouring of Canadian Fallen 





Canada's Policy on Burial of Fallen from Foreign lands.doc

American Battle Monuments Commission.doc

Poem to Our Fallen.doc

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