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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Halifax LV905 - Monument

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A Halifax Mk.III with registration LV905 crashed on this location on May 25th, 1944 at 01:30 am. 
Bomber command, with 432 planes, attacked the railyards at Aachen in Germany. Twenty-five planes were lost during this mission.

Halifax LV905, flown by pilot Eric Wilson, was hit by enemy fire and crashed here in the Oranjepolde, none of the crew survived.

Killed in the crash were:

Pilot officer Eric Benjamin Wilson - Pilot - Rhodesia 
Flight Officer Sidney Glen Peterson - Navigator - Canada
Flight Officer Norman Allan Marston DFC - Bombardier - England
Flight Sergeant Joseph Henderson - Radio operator - England
Sergeant William John White - Flight Engineer - England
Flight Sergeant Joseph Thomas Lloyd Leblanc - Gunner - Canada
Sergeant George Herbert Butler - Gunner - England

In September 2005 a recovery operation began which took 5 weeks during which the remains of the crew were also discovered. On September 27th, 2006, the crew was buried at the Jonkerbosch military cemetery in Nijmegen.

On the same day, this monument has been revealed. 






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