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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Stephen N Russell

Civil War armored RR Trains

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Is there any website, etc showing Civil War armored RR Trains by Union & or Rebel forces?

Is there a Civil War RR Museum: denoting RR for use in Civil War for both sides.?

Be a unique movie, TV topic or backdrop to a Civil War story.

Love to see Tech plans, concepts, written Then & use CG to update images.

Same for Civil War Rebel & Union Naval ships & Ironclads.



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There is a good Osprey book on the subject.  The closest thing to a museum would be the Petersburg Battlefield, where the 13 inch mortars on railway carriages were used.  I do have one book on US and Confederate ironclads that has a fair number of detailed drawings.  I will have to dig it out.  If I remember correctly, it has passed into the public domain.


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