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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My life as a child !

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As a child I was living in Germany when war broke out, My farther was in the forces as a officer ( I don`t remeber which branch). My mother was English. My farther must have done something wrong because he was shot for disabaying orders. My mother was sent to a concentration camp and I was sent to Buchenwald, that was March or April 1942.  I was there till April 1945, at that time I had typhus so I do not remember the liberation.  They moved me away from there to somewhere else, where I stayed till late 1945. when I was sent to Switzerland.  I hadn`t spoken for a long time while I was in the camp, and I was still not talking when I got to Switzerland. It was sometime before I heard someone speaking English that they saw I reacted, so they started talking in English. I spent 3 happy years in Switzerland learning how to live again!  I came to England in November 1948, to my mother`s brother. The family treated me as their own son.csm_Besucher-am-Lagertor-4-NTS_77eda8c5fe.jpg.14a1dcc598548483a8e1b8af33de7e0e.jpgcsm_Besucher-am-Lagertor-4-NTS_77eda8c5fe.jpg.14a1dcc598548483a8e1b8af33de7e0e.jpg

While I was in Buchenwald I was in block 8, and my job was looking after the guard dogs, as they founnd out that I got on to well with the dogs, I was helping with the cleaning out the kennels and feeding the dogs.

I spent 8 year in the RAF mainly in Singerpore, first on the Sunderland Flying Boat, then the shackelton.  I was on the last mission of the Sunderland DP 198 with ML797 on the 15th of May 1959. I came back from Singerpore the end of May and gCFCBqVzW8AAcCaS.jpg.320634f5cb3a3434ab68c4fe248607f8.jpg

Before I retired I was working for Texaco on tankers also calerbrating them for all the UK.

I now live in Rhyl with my daughter.

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