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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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Last Saturday I visited the fort of Battice in Belgium, 16 km from the German border. This only was held from May 10 1940 until May 22 1940.



This one still works, and they actually show it to you, very cool!










This one still works too, and yes, they turn it on for a minute :-)



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I was last year in fort hackenberg of the maginotline it also stil works well worth a visit. A Electric train drives you around the diverend compartments were you can see how the fort works unbelievable that it still works.

This is the adress of it

61bis Grande Rue, 57920 Veckring, France


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Thanks for sharing these pictures, Linkert! It has been on my list to visit the fort for a while now! 

@Johan thanks for the information, added to my bucket list! 

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