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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Heroes and Generals

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Anyone was/is playing Heroes and Generals? Well, if not...it's a free-to-play game, where you can play as a soldier of Soviet Union/Germany/United States. As a soldier or general. Which means the game have two "spheres". The FPS, when you can play as a tanker, pilot or an infantry with a wide range of weapons/machines on the same battlefield. The game have few modes, most interesting is the War Mode, where the resources vary on what generals send into the battle. So you can have a whole division of tankers while the enemy won't have even a motorcycles, but are defending the city. It can change at any moment though, as generals are still free to send in reinforcements (unless the battle is in a closed pocket). Usually, the battles are ~19vs19. If you think that tanks are invincible, check again, plenty of antitank weapons, including H3, Sticky Grenades, Soviet RPG-43 grenade and of course Panzerfausts/Panzerschrecks/Bazookas. Or you can simply plant a mine on some crucial routes. If you think aircraft are OP - well, there is plenty of anti-air guns on the map, you can shot those down even with a tank, with tons of luck you can kill the pilot with anything. If you chose the Soviet Union as your faction you can always equip PTRD-41- excellent against every light vehicle, some tanks, and aircraft. The core of the battle is ALWAYS infantry.

Generals gameplay is about strategy. Every faction starts the war with two major cities and the goal is to conquer 15 out of 23. It's a bit more advanced part of the game, so let's skip that for now.


Also available on Steam.

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