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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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15 hours ago, Thomas Moreton said:

Were there any piston driven airplanes of WW2 that came close to the speed of sound or actually broke the speed of sound?

The info I can find is that the fastest plane over a "lap", which appears to be how it is measured now, is by a modified P-51 last year - achieving an average of 531.53 mph.


There are quite a few claims for outright fastest speed and some are discredited because they're in a dive such as a Spitfire in 1952 reaching 690 mph



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The fastest propeller-driven fighter that I have seen accurate and reliable information on for World War 2 was an experimental version of the US P-47 Thunderbolt that hit over 500 miles per hour during flight testing.  There was a late-war version of the Mustang that hit over 480 miles per hour in flight testing.  Both of those speeds were achieved in level flight.

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