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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Kevin Patience


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A new edition covering merchant and naval wrecks of WW1 and WW2 that may be of interest to the readers.

In 2006, Kevin published the first edition of East African Shipwrecks after six years of research in archives around the world. Twelve years later after further research into recent and previously unknown wrecks and strandings, a second revised edition in colour is now available.

This new edition brings the dangers of this idyllic tropical region into stark reality with the addition of the latest casualties in colour  not only on the coast but on the inland great lakes. Despite modern navigation facilities available to present day seafarers, and weather programs giving accurate forecasts, mankind and his ships are still prone to accidents.

The book covers the 1,400 mile Kenya - Tanzania coastline from the Somalia border to the Rovuma river bordering Mozambique as well as the inland lakes and features a revised chapter of tugs based on the coast from 1896 to the present day...

Using records in Australia, Germany, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and the U.K. and the library’s of Lloyds Register of Shipping, the Guildhall and National Archives in London together with the Hydrographic Office records at Taunton, and the internet, the author has discovered stories of over three hundred merchant and naval ships that came to grief. A number of individuals and organisations have been instrumental in bringing this second edition to fruition and all are acknowledged.

The author spent over twenty-five years as a commercial salvage diver in East Africa and the Middle East and was involved in some of the operations described in the book and dived on and identified many of the other wrecks mentioned.

300 pages, h/b, with over 120 illustrations in colour and 200 in monochrome with three colour maps. 17 x 24 cm. Price including packing and postage £15 within UK. Overseas at cost.


Available from the author  -  saburi@hotmail.com

Book Cover .jpg

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