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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Any Call of Duty game related to WW2

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Every now and then I play Call of Duty WW2 on the PS4, I just don't have enough time for gaming anymore :( 

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I've played just about every COD game along with any other WWII game I can find.  But I always seem to come back to Battlefield 1943 lol.  It's simple, fun and has enough variety to keep me interested.  I think the game came out in '09 and yet there is still a good, active community (at least on playstation) and it's my fall back escape.  The only other game that for me had staying power was Black Ops.  I thought that was an excellent game with tons of fun to be had in the multiplayer.  I'd still be playing if I hadn't went and done a stupid thing-which was to prestige.  I should've known I'd never have enough time to get all my weapons back etc....I miss that game.

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personally I always play COD and I would never get tired of it. Its a game that really marked me and I think that I'm really addicted to it. it's the perfect war game in my opinion.



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