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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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ed forsyth

korean War 1950-53

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I just read in war Historythat the Soviet Union worked with China in helping the 

North Koreans  to  bring this war to a stalemate'  As a veteran of WW2 I

onlyknew that the Chinese helped drive the allies to make an end to this war.

If any information is available from War History or members Please post same

Edgerton Forsyth



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Ed, there were Russian pilots in some of those MIGs in Korea.  Also, I have talked to veterans of Korea who say they saw bodies of Russians.  It's pretty clear to me that Russia was involved.

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Ed, I'm a little confused about the wording of you question.  Are you trying to say that the Chinese worked toward a stalemate, rather than helping the communist North win???  If that's the case, I have no idea where that information would have come from because under any circumstance I could imagine, there would be nothing for the Chinese to gain.  

If you are asking about involvement in the war period, there is ample evidence that both the Chinese and Russians were involved in the war.  If you are talking about PRIOR to the Chinese crossing the Yalu river, that's a little trickier but there is still no doubt that they assisted the North Koreans.  As far as the Russians are concerned, if I'm correct I think they gave them equipment, trained their pilots and then a little later, their pilots actually flew combat missions against the U.N.  But I don't think they had any troops on the ground like the Chinese did.  

If you clarify what it is you want to know, I might be able to either help or point you to where you can find more detailed information.  

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