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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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An MP in Britain is demanding   huge reparation pounds for damage Germans did during WW2 in POLAND

Poland never paid for lands tthey took from Germans who were brought to Poland in 1700 to  bring their agriculture 

to a successful state At the request Of Catherine thre Great.  The Polish government allowed Polish people to

take the land and possessions owned by German farmers ans chase them  from Poland as refugees ]

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Given that before 1871, there WAS no such place as "Germany", bringing "Germans" to Poland in 1700 would have required the use of a time machine. Poland ceased being a nation in 1794, and didn't regain independence as a nation until 1918 (they celebrate the centenary later this year) I'd suggest that any debts owed from 1700-ish ceased to have any validity when the country disappeared sometime during that 124 years of non-existence....

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