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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Maryann Harty

Please stop using the term "awarded"

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Hello Mr Leonard , I am a bit confused , I was told that there was a reply to my comment in which I pointed out the same lug nut as you did . Has someone deleted a post or some other thing I missed ? I have not taken offence or even a wall or gate or some other property boundary . Which reminds me , did you know that the long lost President Idi Amin , when asked what he was going to do about defence replied  "De man comin' wid de hammer and nails to fix it"

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19 hours ago, 753mike said:

I thought it referred to the bloke who wrote the caption for the photo of the "awardee" of a medal .

I could of course be wrong , like many of us can be through misunderstanding . 

True enough.

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