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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Wkipediaied  the Ploesti Raid & one thing stands  out:

No Intel from any if partisan units to the Allies on German AA defenses etc.

or did I miss  something.

Or was area under total Nazi control & no gueriila efforts in area during raid.



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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Stephen N Russell said:

Or was area under total Nazi control & no gueriila efforts in area during raid.

Romania was not an occupied country - it was a willing Axis member.

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On 5/20/2018 at 2:20 AM, George Collins said:

Anti-axis gorilla forces does not appear to have been a factor in Romania at all:


But, curiously,  PRO-Axis guerillas DO seem to have been: The Brandenbergers


On 15 December 1939 the company was expanded and re-designated as the Brandenburg Battalion.[20]After its formation, the soldiers of the new special unit were initially employed to protect the Romanian oil fields and later chrome ore supplies from Turkey.[21] The battalion consisted of four companies, organised along linguistic lines: men from Baltic/Russian territories; those who had lived in English-speaking territories, Portuguese, and North Africa; Sudeten Germans who spoke Czech, Slovak, and Ruthenian; and Polish, Belarusian, Russians, and Ukrainians.[22]The battalion also included motorcycle and paratroop platoons.




In May 1941, Admiral Canaris and Moruzov, the Chief of the Siguranza (Romanian Intelligence Service), came to a secret agreement regarding the protection of vital commercial and military facilities in Romania, especially the Ploesti oilfields and the river commerce of the Danube. To help the Romanians with security, the Germans transferred the 2nd Battalion, Brandenburger Regiment, from Austria to Ploesti. The Brandenburgers were documented and dressed as oil-rig workers, farmers, athletes and youth group members. The men lived in the local community in and around Ploesti. They allegedly prevented British Special Air Service (SAS) members damaging the vital Iron Gate narrows on the Danube. The Brandenburgers also prevented the SAS from destroying the important bridge over the Danube river delta near the town of Cernavoda.


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