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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Inchon Landings - MacArthur's Masterstroke (Pictures)

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Landing craft of the first and second waves approach Blue Beach on 15 September 1950. The U.S. Navy destroyer USS De Haven (DD-727), visible at bottom center, covers them.


LCVPs enroute to Red Beach


This photograph shows members of Fox Company, 2d Battalion, 1st Marines during the landing at Inchon, Korea on 15 September 1950.


Landing craft loaded with Marines head for the smoking beach in invasion of Inchon, September 15, 1950.



General Douglas MacArthur (center), Commander in Chief of United Nations Forces, observes the shelling of lightly defended Incheon from the U.S. Navy amphibious force command ship USS Mount McKinley (AGC-7) on 15 September 1950.


The 31st Infantry lands at Inchon


Four LSTs unload men and equipment while "high and dry" at low tide on Incheon's Red Beach, 16 September 1950, the day after the initial landings there. LST-715 is on the right end of this group, which also includes LST-611, LST-845 and one other. Another LST is beached on the tidal mud flats at the extreme right. Note bombardment damage to the building in center foreground, many trucks at work, Wolmi-Do island in the left background and the causeway connecting the island to Inchon. Ship in the far distance, just beyond the right end of Wolmi-Do, is USS Lyman K. Swenson (DD-729).


U.S. Marines Come Ashore at Inchon in an Amphibious Tractor, Prepared to Plant the American flag at Seoul. The flag was Given to Them by Col. Lewis B. Puller: 09/14/1950


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Definitely a piece of military history that tends to be forgotten because of the end result of the war.  Had the U.N. gone on to push the communists out of Korea entirely, I imagine MacArthur's maneuver at Inchon would be listed among the most significant military operations of all time.  

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